White Papers Page

You should find your name here.  Please add links to your proposals and final WP blog post here so we have on index to find them.  Use the title of your post and make sure it is linked to that post.

Alex Benoit
  1. White Paper Proposal 1: Patent Reform
  2. White Paper Proposal 2: Patent Reform
Roger Boyd
Proposal 1

Proposal 2

Proposal 3

White paper

Alexandra Campolong

1.The White Paper Proposal: Outsourcing Labor

2.White Paper- Outsourcing Round Two

3.Proposal 3- The morality of outsourcing; or lack thereof

4.White Paper Teaser

Ronjohn Dadd

White Paper- Effects of Mexican Cartels

White paper Proposal 2- Mexican Cartels

Proposal 3- Business Impact, Cartels

Teaser-  Mexico’s Failure Against Drug Cartels

Alyssa Dunn
  1. White Paper Proposal #1: Compensation of Student-Athletes
  2. White Paper Proposal #2: Amending the NCAA Business Model
Mary Houston


Grace Howard

1. Business proposal: Can Coal Be Clean?

2. Society proposal: Coal and Society

3. Government proposal: Topic change… legalize marijuana!

Rachel Iselin-Litt
1. White Paper Proposal 1 – Government Response to Child Soldiers
2. White Paper Proposal 2 – Business Response to Kony 2012

3. White Paper Proposal 3 – Societal Impact

4. White Paper Teaser – Child Soldiers

Stephanie Janson
Proposal #1
Proposal #2
Proposal #3

The Teaser

Mike Kehrli

Proposal 1

Proposal 2

Courtney Kelly
1. Hiring Discrimination

2. White Paper Proposal 2

3. White Paper Proposal 3 – Society

4. Appearance Discrimination in Hiring Teaser

Austin Kevitch
Nyein Ko

1) Emission control and Government policies

2) Emission control and effect on society

3) Emission control and Business Sector

Foster Perlmutter
Allison Plaisance
1) White Paper Proposal: Federal Climate Change Policies

2) White Paper, Take 2: The Work-Life Balance

3) White Paper Teaser: The Work-Life Balance
Jenna Romeo

1) White Paper Proposal 1-Immigration & the Economy

2) White Paper Proposal 2-Immigration Reform

3) White Paper Proposal 3- DREAM Act

4) DREAM BIG: A Solution for Undocumented Students Teaser

Sarah Rubio

1) Gov Proposal: Gender Discrimination and the Wage Gap

2) Soc Proposal: Gender Discrimination and the Wage Gap

3) Biz Proposal: Gender Discrimination and the Wage Gap

4) Gender Wage Gap Teaser

Valerie Sans

1) Proposal 1

2) Proposal 2

3) Proposal 3

Joe Velli

1) Campaign Finance Reform

Meg Visokey

1)  White Paper Topic Take 2: Affirmative Action— Government

2)  Affirmative Action from a Business Perspective— Business

3) Psychological Aspects of Affirmative Action— Society

4) Affirmative Action Teaser–What Do We Value?— Teaser

Michael Wald
Alli Weinberger

1.  White Paper Proposal #1- Economics

2.  White Paper Proposal #2- Government

3.  White Paper Proposal #3- Society

Heather Wilson

1) White Paper Proposal #1 – Society

2) White Paper Proposal # 2 – Business

3) White Paper Proposal #3 – Government

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