ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR? An ethical analysis of “Price Wars” and predatory pricing strategy

Companies nowadays are facing a major challenge to cut costs, remain efficient, and maintain customer loyalty and retention simultaneously. Not only the pricing power of internet and discount retailers are growing, but the recent Great Recession also make consumers pay close attention to their spending habit and everybody seems to be going to shopping with pay-less state of mind. Unfortunately for sellers, price can be a double-edge sword: it can be an excellent strategic weapon in a highly competitive market while it can also destroy profits and hurt consumers at the same time. Continue reading

Walmart vs Inglewood

Below is a Twitter interaction between the CEO of Walmart, Tom Coughlin, and the city council of Inglewood in 2004. Coughlin (Walmart_King) tries to convince the Inglewood council (Inglewood_Council) to let Walmart build a superstore in the city.

Walmart_King: Save money, live better with Walmart in Inglewood #inglewoodinitiative @Inglewood_Council Continue reading

Inglewood vs Walmart #smackdown

I was imagining this exchange occurring as Walmart was attempting to put a store in Inglewood (assuming that Twitter actually existed at that time).


@WalmartCEO: Want a walmart near you? Tell us where you live and we’ll bring one to you! #savemoney #livebetter

@InglewoodCC: @WalmartCEO anywhere but here please!

@WalmartCEO: @InglewoodCC Why not? We are helping people live better one community at a time, you could be next #morejobs #savemoney

@InglewoodCC: @WalmartCEO your presence will hurt independent business owners, create traffic congestion, and drive out better paying jobs #nowalmart

@WalmartCEO: @InglewoodCC research shows that new businesses often sprout up around our stores and we provide new job opportunities! #livebetter

@InglewoodCC: @WalmartCEO we don’t need you bringing us down, providing more minimum wage jobs, and discriminating against females #nowalmart