White Paper- Effects of Mexican Cartels

For my white paper I have decided to investigate the prevalence of mexican cartels and the effects they have on different communities. Mexican drug cartels have been around for decades but have recently become more powerful because of the elimination of Columbia cartels in the 1990s. Mexican cartels are known mainly for their drug trafficking activity which controls 90% of the drug flow into the United States. However, these groups have many other destructive practices that cause terror for the mexican people, government, and economy. Cartels have emerged as formidable enemies against the mexican government. These groups influence politics and the economy of Mexico through the use of violence. The power of the cartels have grown over the past decade as well as the cartel related deaths. I plan to examine the effects these groups have on the mexican state and nearby countries like the United
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Two Words: Jack Bauer

While it looks like just about everyone has posted about TV shows so far, I couldn’t resist the chance to talk about the greatness that is 24.

A little bit of background for those of you who’ve never seen the show: each 24-episode season represents a full 24-hour day, so everything appears in real time. During these 24-hour spans, Jack Bauer, an agent with the Counter Terrorist Unit in Los Angeles (and apparently later New York, but I never watched that season), is faced with the task of thwarting off major terrorist attacks on the United States. From presidential assassinations to nuclear bombs and deadly viruses, Jack always manages to save the day.

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Pop culture says a lot about what a society values, what interests us.  Music, movies, video games, etc. all reflect on how we choose to spend our time and money.  It is no mystery that the United States has an issue with gun violence.  What is even more shocking is how often we see in the news stories of fire arms in schools.  Given this horrible aspect of our society, how do we so easily accept the topic in our pop culture?

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