Preventing the Patent Troll Toll

patenttrolls_final_david_saracinoAfter learning more through research about patents, the patent war, and the patent trolling that exists in today’s modern world, I can safely say the topic got me a bit more riled up than I thought it would. The issue is anything but dull. I recommend you take a look into it if you enjoy reading about business and law. Continue reading

Unplug, unclog, and try to understand.

Don’t speak.

I know it sounds strange, but take a second and digest everything around you. If you are talking to someone, focus on them. Do not try to give input, do not try to talk over them, and just listen. Enjoy the sounds around you; enjoy hearing someone else’s opinion. We tend to live in our heads, tend to think we are right, and tend to think that our thoughts are the only ones that matter. The question is, how can you learn if you are not willing to listen?

We rush around in our everyday life and what we tend to hear what sounds like the words coming out of Charlie Brown’s teacher’s mouth. Blah, Blah, Blah. Why does what someone else say matter? We have so many other responsibilities, so many other aspects of our lives that are more important…right? Wrong. As we start to live in our head, we lose touch with reality. We become separated from our peers and grow distant. In order to grow, we need each other. In order to learn, we need each other. In order to prosper, we need each other.

So, during your next conversation take a second and just stop. Stop living in your head and make eye contact with the person you are talking to. Take out your headphones, get out of your head, and take a deep breath.

Unplug, unclog, and try to understand. It won’t kill you, I promise.

UNPLUG for 1 hour a day

We are constantly connected to technology at all points during the day, especially the younger generation. Of course there are many benefits and drawbacks to this new dependency on technology. I am admittedly a very devoted technology lover and use it in all aspects of my life, from school work to social life. In this age of information overload, we must accept that there is no turning back from technology and we are more than excited to embrace cool new ideas, apps, websites, and other innovations. However, this age of excessive information can also be overwhelming. Technology has helped people communicate more easily and served as many different types of entertainment, from social media sites to reality tv series. We have all heard the now somewhat dated term “crack-berry” for people attached to their blackberries (is there a new one for iPhones?). There is even a diagnosed phobia of being without your cellphone, called nomophobia.

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The Wire – Legendary Television


The Wire, an HBO Drama Television Series from 2002-2008, is my favorite piece of work that I have ever seen on a television or movie screen.  I know, bold.  And while I will not try to give you a summary of the 60 episodes of 60 full minutes that have come and gone, I will tell you that the show is worth your time.

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What I found on WordPress

This is the Ad that is featured for the Apple iPhone5 on the blog listed above.

Alright, so after searching and searching I found a REALLY interesting blog about Marketing, Advertising, and Branding which you can see by clicking here:

I wanted to find a blog that I would actually read.  I am somewhat obsessed with Advertising and today I sat down at my computer, opened it, and immediately (obviously) signed onto Facebook.  The first thing that popped up in my newsfeed was the new iPhone 5 Apple commercial.  I clicked IMMEDIATELY.  I watched the commercial and wasn’t too swayed by it.  This article however, made me excited for new commercials to come. Continue reading

Understanding the Future of Digital Humans

Over the past few weeks I have found myself discussing Apple, Foxconn, and technology in multiple classes and even outside of the classroom. I wanted to see what was out in the blogosphere regarding innovation to see if anything caught my eye. I came across this blog by Francesco Lapenta who will be giving a keynote speech at an Internet Safety conference in Budapest this October. I found that my personal views on social media and technology aligned with Lapenta’s and also felt his post was intriguing.

The post discusses how over the past few decades the distinction between humans, our environment, and our technology has become extremely skewed and blurred. There are obvious benefits from technology that can be seen in all facets of life; medicine, finance, education, etc. Technology is simultaneously reducing our abilities as a society to maintain necessary levels of human interaction. I think what we need to focus on is how to recognize the blurring of the lines and use it to our advantage. What good can come of synchronizing our entire world with technology?

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Apple as a Religion

Apple Believer: “Apple as a religion—how true. As an avid Apple fan, I am constantly wondering what Apple’s new innovative technology will be created next. Similarly to religion, I associate certain traditions with Apple—sleek interfaces, easy handling and an ever-present cool factor. I am always thinking about the unknowns and the things that Apple keeps so secret. Steve Jobs and the inventive pioneers at Apple are similar to preachers, creating for us, their consumers. They show us what we want before we even know ourselves. In some ways it is like a belief system. I trust whole-heartedly that the next Apple product will be brilliant, inventive and world-changing. I don’t just want that new piece of technology, I need it.

So why is it a problem when you start to think about the Apple religion? Is it right to just blindly believe what we want to believe, and turn our backs to some of the truths about the religion? Religions often involve a set of ethics and values. As an Apple consumer, I would hope that Apple holds themselves to high ethical standards. But do they?”

Daisey: “Shenzhen is a city of history”

Hold up, Wait a Minute

Apple User/ Listener:  Mr. Daisey, I have but one question for you: what happened next, as soon as you stepped off the plane and through your front door? You forgot to mention that now, after your trip to Shenzhen, you can never use another Apple product again- that every time you look into the black, perfectly smooth screen of your iPhone, reflected is the agony on the faces of the young workers that you met- that every time you put in your ear buds of your iPod you hear their stories.  You forgot to mention that you use to be an “Apple aficionado” because you were so shocked by what you saw.  And don’t you think that is a little odd?

And yes, that is odd.  Something just isn’t adding up.  The fact of the matter is that I don’t believe a single word that falls from mouth.  If Foxconn were really as bad as you allude to, I would think that you would never want to touch an Apple product again.  But that is not the case, which makes me question almost every little thing that you say, well except for the fact that you were wearing a Hawaiian Shirt- now that I believe.