The United States, Mexico and the International Drug Trade – Cartels


In my paper, which may be found here –, I aimed to show the current state of the international drug trade on both sides of the U.S./Mexican border. My focus was on cartels – namely their violence, corruption, intelligence networks, and innovations. Cartels, and specifically the Sinaloa cartel that I used as a case study, are some of the most successful criminal organization in the history of mankind. My goal was to show the effect they have in both Mexico and the United States and what could be done from a policy stand point in order to thwart their ativities.

Cartels seem cool in the movies like Traffic and showsl ike breaking bad, but they are actually essentially modern-day terrorists. They are the most violent and organzied crminial entities in the world and they seek to make every single dollar they can on any violent or business tactic they can think of. I was happy with the policy recomendations I suggested and I look forward to a day where Mexico is a safer place with little corruption and where the United States is not the #1 user of illegal drugs in the world.


Mexico’s Failure Against Drug Cartels

drug flow

Mexico’s drug industry is much larger than anyone actually knows. It is the second largest industry of Mexico behind oil. This is a common fact most Americans may not know but after decades of foreign genocides and world wars you would think we may pay attention to foreign affairs. Drug cartels in Mexico very well could reach genocide levels. It is considered home to the most dangerous city on the planet and since the death of Bin laden, home to the most dangerous person as well. Continue reading