Daisy vs Jobs

@RealMikeDaisy: Happy Halloween everyone! Last time I saw this many zombies walking around? #foxconn

@RealMikeDaisy: I would like to apologize for that last tweet. Did not mean to offend anyone.

@SteveJobsGhost:  @RealMikeDaisy I’m watching you.

@RealMikeDaisy: Finally got my iphone 5 in the mail, then realized its the same thing as iphone 4s. Threw it in the trash and powered up my old android.

@SteveJobsGhost: @RealMikeDaisy Boo!

@FosterAKAforest: yo @RealMikeDaisy I have an android they’re excellent. I don’t own an apple product. Please retweet me- trying to increase my followers:following ratio.



The Name’s Jobs……Steve Jobs..

I’m sorry, but what is your name? Mike is it? Well Mike, I’m sure you know who I am. I’m known as one of the world’s greatest visionaries. Some call me “Father of the Digital Revolution, but personally I prefer “Master of Innovation.” I’ve tried to remain quiet throughout this whole charade of lies and exaggeration, but I really feel like I need to take a moment to applaud you on an outstanding performance. I find it humorous how much you think you know about me and my Company, which is why this little monologue of yours can be described as nothing but theatrical. Now Mike, do you really think I would say something like “Gosh Foxconn is a factory but it’s not like any factory we’ve ever seen. It has swimming pools and movie theaters—it’s amazing.” I’m Steve Jobs, Godfather of the Apple Company. Do you think I would be stupid enough to think that conditions like this are even possible in third world countries? The reputation you give me really saddens me, but I do appreciate all of your purchases of apple products. How are you enjoying that new Ipad of yours?

I’m not angry with you Mike for trying to singly handedly destroy the connection Apple has with its users. I actually admire your determination. However, the first role of business ethics is not to say anything you can’t back up with hard evidence. You think I don’t know what goes on at Foxconn? I’m in business with them Mike. If I’m known as one of the most legendary businessmen of all time, you think I would do business with a company that could potentially ruin the one I have worked all my life to build? I’m not saying factory work is glamorous Mike, but horrible enough to commit suicide on work territory? I’m familiar with some aspects of theater myself, and your “first-hand experience” traveling to Hong-Kong was unjustly set in a dark and atrocious tone when you described the opening scene of the city as a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Your amateur description goes to show that you haven’t traveled to that many places if you think Shenzhen is the worst you’ve ever experienced. Perhaps you can use your Iphone to book a ticket to explore a new factory. Preferably one not involved with Apple. As much as your stories amuse me, you’re wasting my time Mike. Work on your research skills while I continue making history.


What would Cathy say?

As Student Listener:

You had me Daisey.  I listened and was moved.  I felt disappointment in a company that I admire and started to question myself as an Apple consumer.  I was captivated and enraged.  While thinking about all of the lies you’ve told, my thoughts kept returning to Cathy.  Cathy, your second-hand man during your time in Shenzen who was always by your side, who experienced all of the heartfelt moments you had – would she understand the lies you told?  Does she know about your story?  Is her name really Cathy?

When people started realizing your story was fabricated, the first person they wanted to talk to was Cathy.  They asked you for her contact information and you lied.  You said you didn’t have her phone number and that you changed her name to protect her.  But that was a lie, wasn’t it?  You hid her as long as you could because you knew that if she was found, you’d be ratted out.  You’d be seen as a liar, and your “moving story” would be one story told lie.  It turned out that Cathy was easy to find, she didn’t know she was quoted in your story, she didn’t know you had made a story, and she sat with reporters and told the truth.  The truth being that you lied.  The one person who was there with you said many encounters didn’t happen, so as a listener it seems like nothing did.  Your credibility is ruined.

You fooled me Daisey, I was moved, and I was lied to.  You should be embarrassed.

Apple Fanatic vs Mike Daisey

Apple Fanatic: Okay Mike Daisey that is enough, I do not want to hear anymore! My iPhone is my life, my connection to the outside world, my baby. My iPhone and I have been together for years, she would never betray me like this. Sure, she was made in China, but try and find me something that was NOT made overseas. She’s mine now, who cares where she came from or who made her. Who do you think you are? What makes you think you can come in here and tarnish our relationship with your lies!

….I mean, they are lies right? Foxconn cannot be a real place; Foxconn cannot be the place my beloved iPhone was made. Steve Jobs and Apple would never do such a thing. They would never treat workers like that…right? Even if Foxconn is a real place, it has nothing to do with Apple. It CANNOT be Apple…right?