Get rid of the two party systenm

My proposal to make this world a better place is simple and to the point. We as a country should eliminate political parties together all together. Why I think this will work is that it will help the most qualified individuals rise to the top within politics.

Think about all the damage parties do. Not only do they polarize the country (who’s ready to jump off a cliff) but they manipulate the parties for office. Think about it. To begin with to even get to a general election officials have to compete in primaries. During these events every person is trying to either outdemocrat or outrepublican their opposition. This can take someone who was a centrist and force them to go to either one extreme or the other (because who really votes in primaries…people who are staunchly on one side or the other.) Therefore by the time officials move to the general election we either get the crazies or good candidates become crazies.

Instead, if there were no parties then we could simply vote on people based on merit. Instead of pandering to the “right” or “left” people could simply say what they believe in and stick too it. This would help get the most qualified people into office as well as have much more centrist politicians (if there is such a thing).

Overall I think its miserable living in the political climate we are in and believe that the two-party system is at the root of it. Lets get rid of it and see what happens…it certainly can’t be any worse than it is now.

“If you were gay that’d be okay, ’cause hey I’d like you anyway”

DOMA, or The Defense of Marriage Act can be read in full here.  In short, it states that just because one state has recognized same sex marriage, another state does not have to abide by the same regulations of the state that recognized it.  In clearer terms, if a couple (male and male) get married in California, when they take a family vacation to North Carolina, this marriage does not have to be recognized.  The Act continues on to define ‘marriage’ and ‘spouse.’  Marriage meaning a legal union between man and woman and a spouse meaning refers “only to a person of the opposite sex who is a husband or wife.”  Clearly the words ‘opposite sex’ are stated.

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These are your new friends

For today’s Blog Council Foster, and I (Ronjohn) have broken all of you up into groups according to your political typology or the issues you talk about. Here are the people like you.


Austin, Heather, Alyssa, Alex Ben-wah, Mellamocallejo (Ally), Jenna, Kehrli, Courtney

Post Modern

Stephanie, Nyein, Ronjohn,  Alyssa (you are popular), Courtney, Heather, Joe,  Alex

Solid Liberal Centrist
Austin,Allison, Grace, MichaelW, Rachel
Wall Street Republican




Other Awards


Most Thought Provoking- Nyien and Roger
Discussion Starters- Meg and Ally
Most Cringe Worthy Title: Mike K

C. Wright Mills would be ashamed

My sociological imagination is at an all-time low right now. In fact, tonight I chose to catch up on homework rather than watch the presidential debate. It feels like I have no time for society anymore. Ever since I got to college, I’ve watched less sports than ever before, which really shows how truly disconnected I am. I guess I got used to watching tv once in a while through, and catching up on articles through twitter. Continue reading

Virgil Goode…

When it comes to my family, politics has never been an issue we discussed. It never caused heated debates at the dinner table and never caused fights among family members. It was always a non-issue. So where do I stand? I like to think of myself as an independent, I do not connect fully with either the liberal or conservative ends of the spectrum. But then again, I have never been one to follow politics to begin with. I thought it would be interesting to take a few of the quizzes and see where I ended up… Continue reading

What did you call me?

I am going to start off with my political background and history. Basically that consists of a large black hole. I have never really been interested in politics probably because I know nothing about it. When I was 18 and had my license renewed I reluctantly told the DMV lady “Sure I guess I’ll register” because it had ONLY taken an hour for my license this time. I registered independent mainly because that is what my parents are and seemed like a cop out. This may have been the issue all along is that my parents and family never really talked much about politics and I would not be surprised if my parents even voted in the past election. Continue reading

No, But Really…Who Am I?

Well, after doing the three quizzes…I am suffering from a bit of an identity crisis.

Like a few other people have mentioned, I actually despise politics.  I find the whole topic divisive and I always feel like it only causes dissent.  This may sound unpatriotic or apathetic, but I just have never developed a knack for or love of anything related to the political sector.  Although I do have very definitive stances on certain issues (particularly the social ones), I find my positions on the other ones much less clear-cut.  Therefore, I have no desire to argue or debate over who is right/wrong on certain stances.  People have differing opinions; life will go on.

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Give me liberty…

I’ve always deemed myself an independent in politics. Throughout my lifetime, I have witnessed my parents’ debate prior to elections. Some years they voted for a republican. Other years they voted for a democrat. Perhaps I developed my own political values and opinions from them, but I can safely say that when I vote I will vote for the individual whose ideas and beliefs resonate with me the most. Furthermore, I will vote for who I think is the best person running, because I believe that is what is most important. I won’t simply vote for a party. The party is not the one giving speeches and forming/maintaining diplomatic relations with presidents from other countries.

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Behind The Surveys

I completed the “Political Typology” (second link) quiz to gauge my political standing.  I have always considered myself a moderate, because I find myself in agreement with arguments on both sides of the spectrum.  I used to consider myself leaning more toward the right, but over the last few years I have felt more in line with the Democratic perspective.  Upon completion of the survey, I was categorized into the “Post Modern” typology.  I, “along with 13% of the public,” belong to this category which believes that Wall Street does more to help the economy than to hurt it, but also that same-sex marriage should be legalized.  I agree with everyone of the arguments that this group makes, but a more important piece of information to look t is the overall survey results for each category.

Post Modernists were not nearly as affected by the recent economic crisis as others.  The survey shows that just 15% of this group have not yet recovered from the economic downturn as opposed to second to last place, the “Solid Liberals” category, with 30% not yet recovered.  To me, this means that most people in this category are not as focuses on personal finance related issues.  Along with the fact that the survey also describes the people in this category as being the least bothered by the mortgage crisis, means that post modernists do not view big business as “evil.” This would normally mean a support for the right side of the spectrum, which historically as favored big  business.

On the other hand, Post Modernists lean left on the Energy Policy issues second to last with 13% in favor of focusing on alternative energy instead of expanding oil/coal/natural gas exploration, as opposed to third to last, “main street republicans” with 26% in favor of alternative energy.  Normally, right wing candidates are more in favor of natural resource exploration than left wing candidates, which implies that post modernists have a more liberal agenda in some respects.

Recently, I have considered myself Independent because it was difficult to favor one side over the other on every issue.  I was surprised that this website offered an accurate viewing of my ideology and that i fit so well into a certain category.

And Survey Says…

I’ll admit it- I’ve never really liked politics.  To tell you the truth, I actually despise politics, which is probably due to the fact that my entire family, including my extended family, has adopted the “it’s my way or the highway” mentality.  Anyone who does not agree with them pretty much gets drawn and quartered (just ask my ex-Aunt Mary who is no longer apart of our family… haha just kidding… but coincidentally enough Aunt Mary did have different political views).  For example, just this week my entire family forwarded this link, along with the following message: “For everyone who hasn’t seen the movie, “Obama 2016,” here it is in its entirety. I urge you to please set some time aside to watch this great documentary. It only costs you your time. If we don’t get it right this election, it will cost us more than just 1 hour and 16 minutes.”  Anyways, when I heard about the topic of this week’s blog post, lets just say I was less than excited. Continue reading