The Software Patent Dilemma

While Obama did pass the America Invents Act, nothing in the act addressed software patents. Software patents have been under heated debate for years. The debate is over where the line should be in terms of what software is patentable, whether saying software patents are too abstract is fair, and if innovation is encouraged or not by patents on software. Continue reading

White Paper Proposal 1-Immigration & the Economy

For my white paper I want to explore the topic of illegal immigration in relation to jobs and the economy in America. Many Americans have complained that illegal immigrants are taking many jobs in America while other native citizens are left without jobs. Especially following the Great Recession, many Americans are without jobs, as current unemployment rate is at 7.8%, meaning 2.1 million Americans who are eligible to work do not have jobs. Meanwhile, there has been a constant flow of illegal immigration into America from all over the world, but the majority is from Central America. These people have found jobs in America while American citizens remain jobless. Is this fair?

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Creating Voter Fraud While Trying to Prevent It

As we grow nearer and nearer to election day (November 6), I chose to look at a controversial law that hits close to home. Recently, Pennsylvania has come under fire for its controversial Voter ID law. The law requires voters to show proof of identification through a PA drivers license, identification card, or Passport. The goal of the law is to prevent voter fraud.

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Prison Reform and the Failing War on Drugs

With many important issues this election including the budget deficit, unemployment rates, social security, and medicare, it is not surprising that a lot of other issues are being put on the back burner.

One issue of importance to me is the over-population of our incarceration system.

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Politics, Campaigns, and Such (Blog Theme 6)

The might Blog Council hath proclaimed this the week of Politics and Campaigns.

The debate is this week, after all.

You have THREE choices. See below the jump for more details. Pick ONE of the three here.

  • What is your political philosophy?  Take an online quiz and reflect on what it tells you.
  • Discuss an issue that you are interested in and that is NOT being covered very much.  (I would say that almost any issue except maybe Medicare, US Gov’t Debt, Job Growth is under reported. And even those three are probably badly covered.  SO, really pick any issue). Educate yourself and us about your issue.
  • Explore a “structural” aspect of politics such as campaign finance, voting law and procedures, changes in parties over time, the difficulty of 3rd parties in the US system, the filibuster in the senate, and so on. Continue reading