Milton Back From the Grave Debates Chile, BP With Ed

Ed Bushy Beard @Milton  Congratz on your Nobel prize.  Guess you will argue stronger against any social responsibility beyond profit now.  Say Hi to Pinochet if you visit again. #nobelecon #freechile #neoliberal

Milton @Ed Bushy Beard Thank you.  No reason or evidence to change my core thesis.  Visiting Pinochet is not endorsing policies.  Whatever, Allende ruined the economy with his soft-headed, big-hearted socialism. #keynessucks #smartisconservative

Ed Bushy Bear @Milton  Not sure you can have market freedom and political oppression.  What do you think of BP’s use of cap and trade internally to price pollution? #greenenergy #stakeholderrocks

Milton @Ed Bushy Bear.  You can put lipstick on a pig…soft-headed CEOS still trying to do what government should do.  Carbon tax simpler, more-market based.  #marketsrule

Ed Bushy Bear @Milton  If the end of financial regulation is the victory for neo-liberal economics, then its demon-spawn, the Great Recession, is the tocsin for a new Keynes to emerge.  #marketsruletoomuch #keynesnow


Edward Freeman is a Big Thinker with a Big Beard.

Tony Soprano’s Ethical Reasoning

When thinking about BGS themes in pop culture, I immediately thought of HBO’s hit series The Sopranos. For those who aren’t familiar, the show centers around Tony Soprano, an Italian-American mobster, and the problems he encounters while heading a criminal organization. While the mafia generally caries a serious negative connotation, the show looks at the notorious crime family from a different angle. Many theories we have looked at concerning business ethics can be applied to Tony’s less than ethical profession.

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