WP Proposal 3- Gov


I originally thought that I wanted to write my White Paper on something regarding the environment since that is a strong interest of mine.  My past two proposals were on the topic of coal mining and coal-fired power plants, but after doing some initial research I decided that I chose that topic because it seemed safe.  On top of that, it seems pretty boring as well!  I have decided to change my topic to the legalization of marijuana since I wrote a blog post on the topic and enjoyed learning about it.

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White Paper Proposal #1- Economics

For my White Paper, I want to explore the topic of the legalization of marijuana on a federal level.  I will examine this topic from a economical, governmental, and societal perspective.  Currently 14 states have decriminalized marijuana, and as of 2012 eight more states are also considering removing their strict marijuana regulations.  As of now, the intended audience for my White Paper is the United States Government. Continue reading