Hacked: A look at the News Corp phone tapping scandal


You often hear people saying that “you can’t ever really trust the media.” Of course each news network has it’s own agenda with every story, stretches the truth to make for juicier news, and often provides very one sided views on important issues. But imagine how much more weight that statement holds when you hear that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. was accused of phone tapping to illegally obtain information used in the news. It appears we all have a very real and scary reason to not trust the media. Continue reading

Gossip Magazines & Ethical Missteps

The obsession with knowing everything about the lives of celebrities has manifested in many areas.  From the boom of reality television shows, to the access of social media sites, to the nonstop production of gossip magazines and websites, the demand for this type of information is clear.  This obsession brings up two main issues.  The first being celebrities’ rights to privacy and the second being the purposeful slandering of celebrities in an effort to sell magazines, regardless of the truthfulness of the stories.

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The Wire – Legendary Television


The Wire, an HBO Drama Television Series from 2002-2008, is my favorite piece of work that I have ever seen on a television or movie screen.  I know, bold.  And while I will not try to give you a summary of the 60 episodes of 60 full minutes that have come and gone, I will tell you that the show is worth your time.

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What would Ira say…

And when Apple would call journalists who had spoken to me, and tell them, “You know, I don’t know if you want to be associated with him. He’s kind of unstable. You know, he does work in the theater.”

I would keep my head down. And I would tell my story.

And tonight—we know the truth.

Ira Glass:

The truth? The truth is that you lied. We trusted you. We trusted you to come on our program and share what you had learned on your visit to Foxconn. And you lied! You flat. out. lied. And you knew it, the whole time. What kind of person does that? Did you feel any sense of guilt in doing that?

Yes, we made a mistake in letting you on our show. And yes, we should have been suspicious from the very beginning when you said there was no way to contact your translator in China.

But how hard is it to tell the truth! Working in the theater is not a valid excuse. Because you knew. You knew you were expected to tell the truth on This American Life, and you knew you were lying. And now, you’ve embarrassed me, you’ve embarrassed my coworkers, and, most of all, you’ve embarrassed yourself.