Paper 2-Are the expenses justified at SAS?

Jim Goodnight, SAS CEO
(Source: Bloomsburg Businessweek)

Intro: A state of the art gym, masseuse, car detailer, pool tables, golf course, tennis courts, and day-care all at work…I wouldn’t complain. The software company SAS knows how to treat its employees. Rated #1 best company to work for in 2010 and 2011 by Forbes, SAS wants its employees to be happy, healthy, and the most productive that they can be (Kaplan). To achieve this, the SAS campus in Cary, North Carolina, offers a vast array of amenities to its employees, from an on-site doctors office to a work-life center that helps employees manage financial debt and home life. The company emphasizes an environment that fosters creativity. To aid this, SAS implements many tactics, including a no dress code policy and encouragement to use the many facilities at any time during the day.  CEO Jim Goodnight has the right idea when taking into account his employees and SAS boasts the fact that it has never laid off an employee. One employee even remarks that he would not leave SAS even if someone offered him double his salary (World’s Best Employer). In addition to treating its employees right, SAS is also committed to making the world a greener, more sustainable place to live in. Overall, SAS spends millions each year to keep its employees happy and productive.

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