Inglewood vs Walmart #smackdown

I was imagining this exchange occurring as Walmart was attempting to put a store in Inglewood (assuming that Twitter actually existed at that time).


@WalmartCEO: Want a walmart near you? Tell us where you live and we’ll bring one to you! #savemoney #livebetter

@InglewoodCC: @WalmartCEO anywhere but here please!

@WalmartCEO: @InglewoodCC Why not? We are helping people live better one community at a time, you could be next #morejobs #savemoney

@InglewoodCC: @WalmartCEO your presence will hurt independent business owners, create traffic congestion, and drive out better paying jobs #nowalmart

@WalmartCEO: @InglewoodCC research shows that new businesses often sprout up around our stores and we provide new job opportunities! #livebetter

@InglewoodCC: @WalmartCEO we don’t need you bringing us down, providing more minimum wage jobs, and discriminating against females #nowalmart