UNPLUG for 1 hour a day

We are constantly connected to technology at all points during the day, especially the younger generation. Of course there are many benefits and drawbacks to this new dependency on technology. I am admittedly a very devoted technology lover and use it in all aspects of my life, from school work to social life. In this age of information overload, we must accept that there is no turning back from technology and we are more than excited to embrace cool new ideas, apps, websites, and other innovations. However, this age of excessive information can also be overwhelming. Technology has helped people communicate more easily and served as many different types of entertainment, from social media sites to reality tv series. We have all heard the now somewhat dated term “crack-berry” for people attached to their blackberries (is there a new one for iPhones?). There is even a diagnosed phobia of being without your cellphone, called nomophobia.

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Foxconn Employee: Stop.  The Guards are not armed, underage workers are rare, and we do not use dangerous chemicals without the proper equipment.  These lies exaggerate our physical plight but barely skim the surface of our psychological suffering.  Foxconn is not evil.  They are not trying to maim us.  The people of the world demands innumerable “necessities” and this is the only feasible way to supply them.  It’s not the company that hurts us, it’s you.

Life is beautiful because it is spontaneous and unpredictable.  The world is filled with a never ending supply of knowledge that lies just out of the reach of our finger tips.  My life is work: tedious work.  I will never know the fulfillment of intellectual studies, the pride of building a career, or the simple rejuvenating properties of rest and leisure.  I assemble tiny machines that allow others to achieve these possibilities.  I work, physically tired and mentally exhausted, so that you can live a beautiful life.

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As promised, here is a link to the Breaking Bad/Apple comparison article.  It is a fun read regardless of whether or not you watch the show.  Jobs and Walter White have very similar “career arcs”.  Both had debilitating cancer that truly effected their motivations and ideas.  Both have huge egos regarding their ability to create the best products in their particular market (meth/high end electronics).  Both had the prior experience to make bold steps towards reaching their potential as innovators (White was a chemistry teacher, Jobs a genius whiz kid).  It is the final season, but if you are looking for a new show, you won’t be disappointed if you choose Breaking Bad.