Brand Fluency

When I began looking for an interesting blog, I immediately knew I wanted to explore something within the marketing realm.  Originally, I tried to look for blogs that cover consumer behavior and market analysis.  Unable to find anything that caught my eye, however, I shifted my focus to branding and advertising.  Using the topics search, I soon found this blog, which discusses the need for companies to truly globalize their brands.  After taking Principles of Marketing last year, I found it interesting to think about the differences we had discussed between global and multinational companies.  Continue reading

$65 per phone? Not likely (labor costs, fairness, profit)

The question of what is a fair return to workers for manufactured goods is a complex one in the details, but, often, a simple on in terms of gut-check ethics.

Valerie, in an excellent comment, on Nyein’s post, pointed out that the journalist (not an expert, but reporting on expertise) in the “Retraction” episode mentioned iPhones might be $65 more if made in the US.  That struck me as too high, so I checked it out.  Now, cost data on products is usually hard to find as it can be strategically important.  So, this involves a lot of guesswork.

First, an analyst, Horace Deidu,  made a good estimate of labor costs.

This leaves about 17 hours unaccounted for in the throughput time. Could this time be spent in labor intensive operations? In the ABC report the wage of workers on the line is given as $1.78/hr[4]. 17 hours of labor input would imply $30 labor cost per iPhone.

So,17 hours per phone. Continue reading

Is There Any Way We Can Help?

A Big Apple fan

“The first thing came to my mind about Apple products is ..they are expensive. Still expensive to our standards even if they are produced at a place where labor is cheap and production cost is low. But still, can we, as die-hard Apple fans, do something to protect the rights of Chinese factory workers? May be, we can spend $5 more on an Apple product that we buy and make a change to the life of a factory worker, get him better wages, provide him better living dorm, and reduce the working time? Cause-related Marketing can be a good idea here but the main question is how many of us are really willing to spend $5 more for an Apple product?”

“I feel bad that the demand of luxury products here cause a lot of suffering in other countries. I think the best solution is, we should try to make these jobs come back to the United States. After all, letting these jobs go abroad doesn’t really help economy here. And Apple is not taking serious consideration to those suppliers who did unscrupulous exploitation of poor factory workers”.

“I just hope more people will know about the harsh working conditions in China and start giving pressure to Apple. Hopefully, Apple will set up a plant with an automatic production line here in the near future. In this way, not only the Chinese workers problems will be resolved, the next generation of college graduates will also get a better opportunity to find a job here”.

Third Blog Post- Useful Interruptions

Your goal this week is to build from last week’s retraction post and our class discussions to craft your own “interruption” of the Daisey script “The Agony and The Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.” (click and you get the pdf).
In short, as past of the tech/no Forum, we will perform an “interrupted” version of the original script with Alex Lyras as the actor.

Imagine you could say “time out!” during a performance of the original.  This is is your chance to add a new voice. Continue reading