Tomato Tomahto Teaser: What the Organic vs. Genetically Engineered Debate Changes About Your Food


After doing research on locally grown, organic, and sustainable food sources for my white paper proposals, and writing my Paper 2 on Chipotle’s ‘Food with Integrity’ campaign I came across this ongoing debate. The issues stemming from this topic involve struggling farmers, high prices of healthy/organic foods, labeling controversies, and the accusations of dangerous side effects of GMOs.

Don’t let the topic fool you- this paper has everything you could want. My white paper details the story of government corruption, corporate scare tactics, mass murder (well… mass murder of the monarch butterfly population), and a whole lot more.

Air Pollution!

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This picture comes from East Asia campaigns for air pollution. This picture embodies the extreme case of air pollution and uncontrolled carbon emission from industrial processes. The photo portrays a group of people having to protect their nose and mouth to make sure they don’t inhale harmful particles from the atmosphere and unable to have a nice day out, with the famous palace of the Forbidden City buried in the smog, set in the background. This can be a very strong message to the society that air pollution can significantly decrease quality of life and hence, it is a serious problem.

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White Paper Proposal: Federal Climate Change Policies

I’ve been interested in environmental issues ever since I first learned of global warming. Over the last hundred years, the earth’s average temperature has risen by 1.4°F, with another increase of 2 – 11.5°F expected over the course of the next century. This may not seem like much, but on the grand scale of things, even the slightest increase can cause large shifts in climate and weather. For a period of time, scientists debated whether or not this warming trend was caused by human activities. While the vast majority of scientists now agree that this is true, the issue has grown into a political dispute, with the left and right wings arguing over the legitimacy and importance of the issue. 

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IBM: A Great Green Leader

IBM’s Icon of Progress: Corporate Leadership in Environmental Responsibility

When I clicked on the link to Newsweek’s Top Green Companies, I really had no idea what to expect.  Environmental protection has always been an interest of mine, so “green” companies often stand out to me.  IBM is the first company on their list, and after doing some basic research, it is clear why they have earned the top spot.

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Play Hard at Work

A state of the art gym, masseuse, car detailer, pool tables, gold court, and day-care all at work…I wouldn’t complain. The software company SAS knows how to treat their employees.  Watch this 60 Minutes video with my favorite interviewer, Morley Safer, on SAS:

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