White Paper Proposal #2- Proposition 37 and GMO labeling


To continue my research for my white paper I came to realize I may have to broaden my topic. While my first proposal focused very specifically on the societal benefits of organic/sustainable food sources, I have come to terms with the fact that I may need to branch out. While staying in conjunction with that original topic I believe it makes sense to slowly expand to the overarching issues of food production in our nation (which undoubtedly affects the entire world). For this week’s proposal I will focus on the government involvement with Proposition 37- a simple “right to know” initiative that requires food that is genetically engineered or contains genetically modified organisms to be labeled. Continue reading

Campaign Finance Reform

Campaign Finance Reform

Business Proposal

Political Campaigns in America, where democracy is a highly valued necessity, have a unique place in society.  During Presidential campaigns, candidates become quasi celebrities and spend hundreds of millions of dollars promoting themselves.  During the month of September in 2008, Obama raised over $150,000,000 which shattered all previous fundraising records.  He went on to raise over $770,000,000 total during his 2008 presidential campaign (ABC).  These enormous sums of money are donated by individuals and institutions and are protected in some instances by the first Amendment of the constitution as “freedom of speech.”  Which such a large amount of capital being donated and spent during political campaigns in America, the practice needs intricate rules and regulations. Continue reading

Creating Voter Fraud While Trying to Prevent It

As we grow nearer and nearer to election day (November 6), I chose to look at a controversial law that hits close to home. Recently, Pennsylvania has come under fire for its controversial Voter ID law. The law requires voters to show proof of identification through a PA drivers license, identification card, or Passport. The goal of the law is to prevent voter fraud.

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Let’s Get Quizzical….

Sing my title to the tune of…

A lot of people in our generation (especially at prominent private universities) have a common phrase to describe their political affiliation. I think we all have heard someone say that they are “fiscally conservative, but socially liberal.” There are people who honestly believe that it is possible to support liberal social programs and maintain them without a certain level of taxes. I personally have viewed myself in this light without ever taking the time to recognize how implausible that belief really is. Continue reading

Prison Reform and the Failing War on Drugs

With many important issues this election including the budget deficit, unemployment rates, social security, and medicare, it is not surprising that a lot of other issues are being put on the back burner.

One issue of importance to me is the over-population of our incarceration system.

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Am I Who I Thought I Was?

My quiz results from The Pew Research Center told me that I was a Strong Liberal along with 14% of the other people who took the quiz.  The results page showed on some of the 20 questions where I stood in terms of where they placed me compared to the rest of the general public.  I liked the quiz and felt as though it gave me the result that I believed it would.  While I am a Political Science minor and my parents follow politics incredibly closely, I have never felt like I was a political aficionado.  That is why I would not have been surprised to get a different result back.

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Campaign Finance: Time for Reform?

Although I tried to go for the “fun” post this week by taking a quiz revealing my political stance, I found the quizzes to be too overwhelming.   I also didn’t like being labeled into a category where I did not believe all of the fundamental ideas.  That said, I decided to look more into the structure of politics to educate myself more on how it all works.  The financing of campaigns and the regulations purposed upon it were of particular interest.  This has been an issue of much debate as campaign financing has the ability to affect our very democracy, our regulation of corruption, our control over fair elections, the quality of leadership, and our ability to handle current problems.

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