Mexico’s Failure Against Drug Cartels

drug flow

Mexico’s drug industry is much larger than anyone actually knows. It is the second largest industry of Mexico behind oil. This is a common fact most Americans may not know but after decades of foreign genocides and world wars you would think we may pay attention to foreign affairs. Drug cartels in Mexico very well could reach genocide levels. It is considered home to the most dangerous city on the planet and since the death of Bin laden, home to the most dangerous person as well. Continue reading

Restoring the NCAA


You can hardly turn on any television station these days without hearing about some violation or wrongdoing in the NCAA.  If you’re like me (a daily viewer of ESPN and Sportscenter, that is), then you probably see stories like this way more often than you can take.  It almost seems like any mention of the NCAA is a kiss of death at this point.  While the NCAA has always appeared to have good intentions, the execution of some of its ideas has fallen short in recent years.

A few days ago, I told a friend that I was writing a paper about the current state of the NCAA and the changes that should be made.  His response?  “The NCAA? Oh yeah, it’s nothing but corruption and doom.”  Responses like this are exactly the reasons why I chose to explore this topic further.  As a student-athlete myself, I thought the topic really hit close to home.  Check out the paper if you love sports and can never hear enough about the crazy things some people did (i.e. Derrick Rose having somebody else take his SAT).  Check out the paper if you hate sports (you’ll get to hear what the NCAA has been doing wrong).  Either way, check it out.


White paper Proposal 2- Mexican Cartels

As I did more research on my white paper topic I decided to focus my attention to the impact these violent groups have on the mexican government and law enforcement. The government may be a source of the problem but may also be the only solution to stopping these violent groups from wreaking havoc on the country.  Continue reading

The Wire – Legendary Television


The Wire, an HBO Drama Television Series from 2002-2008, is my favorite piece of work that I have ever seen on a television or movie screen.  I know, bold.  And while I will not try to give you a summary of the 60 episodes of 60 full minutes that have come and gone, I will tell you that the show is worth your time.

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