Michael Moore v. Phil Knight- The Showdown


This fictional twitter exchange between Michael Moore and Phil Knight is something that could have occurred following Phil Knight and Nike’s first viewing of the rough cut of Moore’s film, “The Big One.” Clearly this is not how the two would really handle the situation- but let’s just pretend their publicists, lawyers, families, etc. didn’t advise them otherwise and just let them have at it.

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Can we teach MBA’s to do the right thing?

I came across this blog on business ethics which I thought was pretty appropriate considering the things we’ve talked about in class over the past few weeks. The blog first mentioned an article found in Slate magazine to address the question of whether or not we should be teaching ethics in business. In the article that the blog introduces, MBA students were asked why they would want to become a CEO. The first two responses are “I want to make a difference” and “I enjoy a challenge.” The third reason anyone would want to be a CEO is of course, “Making gobs of money.” Continue reading