Appearance Discrimination in Hiring Teaser

After conducting research for my Paper 2 about Hooters, its hiring practices, and its sexist practices, I became very interested in laws regarding hiring discrimination.  When looking up the current regulations there are on hiring discrimination, I noticed that there was no current laws prohibiting discrimination based on appearance.  Abercrombie & Fitch opens its London Store, 2007

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Proposal 3- Business Impact, Cartels

For my third proposal I relied on the old school source of books once again. I found many other books surrounding the one I used for last weeks post on the issue of Mexican Cartels. These books touch on a lot of issues from the violence to the business of these groups. This week I was focusing on the business part of the cartels in Mexico. I used the book “El Narco” which covers the investigation from journalist Ioan Grillo. He spent a decade in Mexico covering these dangerous groups with testimonies from people inside the cartels and analysis from others. This source is different from others in that it is written more like a story from this journalist’s findings. It still presents some very interesting facts and information worth looking at for my paper. Continue reading

White Paper Proposal 3: Business


The individual insurance mandate is applicable to virtually every American business, so I must evaluate the American insurance market as a whole as opposed to just one specific business/company.  The source that I will be utilizing in order to do this is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce website.  Although this source tends to lean to the right, it does offer valuable insights and opinions regarding the positives and negatives of the mandate as well as suggestions for the future. Continue reading

White Paper Proposal 3 – Society

For my White Paper Proposal Three I looked at two different books I found through the library source.  I found these to be very interesting because they not only looked at the discrimination at play based on attractiveness but also why such discrimination should and does exist. Continue reading

Biz Proposal: Gender Discrimination and the Wage Gap

This week’s proposal has by far been the hardest one.  In general, finding business sources is difficult.  But it becomes especially hard on an issue such as gender discrimination, because clearly businesses are going to try to portray themselves in the best light possible.  For this reason,  I feel that business sources are going to be the most unreliable out of all the sources I find. Businesses act as if there is no or very little existence of differences in pay based on gender.  They follow the idea that they have express policies in place that prevent gender discrimination and that these are vigorously enforced.    Anyone who expresses a personal bias is not following policy and therefore it is out of their control.  This mindset can be seen in the Walmart v Duke case that we studied in class.

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White Paper Proposal 2

The business perspective

Hiring for attractiveness is seen from very different stand points depending on which point of view you are looking at the issue from.  My last proposal discussed the Government perspective and how while there isn’t a current policy in place for attractiveness discrimination in hiring, the EEOC has investigated many companies because of their said hiring only the attractive but a policy still isn’t in place.  For this proposal I will look at the idea through a business perspective.

As one may think, businesses want to be able to hire whoever they think is best fit for the job.  If having attractive employees brings in more customers, than the company will defend this practice.  In order to look closer into why this is, and why businesses think it is ethical, I will look at a Newsweek article I came across detailing the results of a poll of hiring managers, and two different businesses who think this is ethical. Continue reading

Affirmative Action from a Business Perspective

It is safe to say that businesses want the best of the best when considering a pool of candidates for hire.  The goal of affirmative action is not to give positions to minorities that are not qualified for certain position.  That being said, the AA program does bring up discussion on what makes a person truly qualified for a job.  Obviously the general belief is that those candidates with good test scores and solid undergraduate GPAs are the best equipped to succeed in a professional setting.  However, there is debate over the value of “soft skills” and how the current education system is not designed to help those strong in this skillset to succeed.

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Can Coal Be Clean?

In class, I proposed to do my white paper on something involving BRICs nations and emerging markets, but with further research I decided that I couldn’t find a distinct enough topic that I was comfortable pursuing.  Since I have always had an interest in the environment, I decided to switch my focus to environmental issues and policies reducing global climate change.  While doing initial research, I found that the Clean Air Act showed up often regarding its effect on several industries, including coal burning power plants and car manufacturing plants.  Since I have heard discussion of “clean coal” in the presidential race, I decided that it would be a appropriate topic to do a little more research on for my proposal.

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