Petrobras v Enron

The Following is a conversation on Twitter between the Petrobas CEO and Lay and Skilling (Enron Executives) on the Enron twitter account.

PetroBros: @EnronAndGone – Opening up a new rig next month #rollininthemoney #sustainabilityischill

EnronAndGone: @PetroBros – Biggest Energy Corp in South America huh? Congrats I guess… #USA #BiggestintheWorld

PetroBros: @ EnronAndGone – Put an asterisk next to that title, all your revenue was fake… #hasbeen #suckstosuck #stillinbusiness

EnronAndGone: @PetroBros – Congrats on your new social responsibility initiatives… heard they are expensive and time consuming #MiltonFriedman #WasteofMoney

PetroBros: @EnronAndGone –   #betterthanjail

Philip Morris

Philip Morris is the worlds second largest tobacco company, and by nature has some serious ethical issues. Tobacco has been around since 6000 B.C. and was a cash crop that helped build America into what it is today. Despite all this, Tobacco is responsible for 1 in 5 deaths per year in the United States and Philip Morris is making billions of dollars off of it.

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Finding a Company or Organization to Study (Blog 8)

With the advice of last week’s blog council (Thanks Grace, Heather, Mary, and Jenna), this week’s post is the chance to learn more about a company or organization (government or society) that you might use for paper 2.  This can be any organization, but one that is worthwhile for being an inspiring or anti-inspiring example is best.  We are looking for you to use good information literacy skills too bot h in what information you find, and in letting readers know what those sources were.

You are not obligated to use this organization as your case study for paper 2.  But you are welcome to.  Also, you may bring us up to speed on any of the previous organizations we have read about (from Apple to Z… there is no Z, but Wal-Mart is close).

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Wall Street and Insider Trading

To me, the obvious choice of media material that screams business ethics is the popular movie, “Wall Street.”  It also happens to fit right in with the discussion we have been having recently about stocks and corporate information with the Enron and Lehman Brothers cases.  Charlie Sheen plays the main character, Bud Fox, in the 1987 film.  Fox is a young stockbroker who finds himself working with Gordon Gekko, a major actor on Wall Street, after yearning to get an in with him for years.  Right off the bat, business ethics is evident, when Fox uses inside information to get Gekko’s attention.

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Tony Soprano’s Ethical Reasoning

When thinking about BGS themes in pop culture, I immediately thought of HBO’s hit series The Sopranos. For those who aren’t familiar, the show centers around Tony Soprano, an Italian-American mobster, and the problems he encounters while heading a criminal organization. While the mafia generally caries a serious negative connotation, the show looks at the notorious crime family from a different angle. Many theories we have looked at concerning business ethics can be applied to Tony’s less than ethical profession.

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Goliath National Bank

….where Barney Stinson works.

If anyone watches How I Met Your Mother, (I am an extreme addict) you know that Barney Stinson doesn’t exactly work for an ethical business.  He spends his days hiring friends, playing jokes on people in adjacent buildings, and well, we never actually see him do work.  But somehow he makes a lot of money.  Sounds like corporate America?  Maybe.  Could it be discussing top executives and their pay?

This link:  features Barney’s video resume, teaching viewers exactly how to present yourself for a job.  The very dramatic video features Barney The video shows Barney performing in many activities that would be seen as impressive to an employer.  It exaggerates him completely as a person highlighting all good qualities and making many up to seem more impressive.  It is very funny take a look!

This link: contains a job overview of newly open position at GNB.  Employees wanted are described as busty blondes.  The company description discusses how GNB encourages employees to do whatever possible to make a sale – steal, lie, cheat!  Whatever.  Clearly GNB is an unethical business, although it is fictional it may reflect the unethical activities that some businesses partake in (obviously exaggerated though). Continue reading

Pop Culture Reflections of BGS issues

For your next blog post (#5), the idea is to use the blog to have some fun, probe how popular culture (TV, film, comics, music, books, video games, and so on) reflect issues relevant to BGS such as ethics, business, power, politics, and the like.

One of my classes last year did a similar theme, but more focused on TV.  You can see that BC report here.

You have a lot of latitude. If at all possible, include a link, or image to your post.

Use categories (media and culture, at least) and tags, of course!

I’ll do a model post too.

Banks and Deferred Prosecution

After searching through a fair amount of blogs using key words including “ethics” and “banking,” I stumbled upon one called Nonprofit Update, and this blog in particular in which the author details the Barclays Libor manipulation case and it’s penalties. He documented this previously in his other blog, Attestation Update – A&A for CPAs. Continue reading