Brand Exceptionalism in Relation to BGS

I stumbled upon a blog comment called “The end of brand exceptionalism?” on a blog titled ideationz…a blog from rick s. pulito. As someone very interested in brand management and marketing, I always find interest in linking my not-necessarily-marketing-specific readings to my more favored subjects. This particular article shared some common threads with the cases that we have recently analyzed in BGS. The author forms one strong connection when he claims, “It’s about being ‘liked’ and that means that your brand has to make others feel ‘liked’ as a result of associating with you.” I immediately related this idea to the Apple “case study” and the TAL videos. Certainly, the recent Foxconn scandal may cause concern among socially-conscious customers, but Apple nevertheless expects to sell 10 million iPhone 5s by the end of September. Customers favor Apple products for the same reasons that analysts marvel at it’s success – the “cool” factor. But at what point does success overshadow ethics?

Paper 1 – Stakeholders, Shareholders and Apple

As a big Apple fan, I’m most interested in exploring the stakeholder/shareholder debate as it applies to Apple. Part of what makes the brand so unique is its large and loyal fan base, and in many ways this following has helped shape our perception of the company. But has Apple been catering to its fans? Or its shareholders? How have they been balancing the two? How have their decisions, whether ethical or unethical, influenced our perceptions of the brand? Could Apple be purposely misleading us to believe that they are a “good,” ethical company?

What I found on WordPress

This is the Ad that is featured for the Apple iPhone5 on the blog listed above.

Alright, so after searching and searching I found a REALLY interesting blog about Marketing, Advertising, and Branding which you can see by clicking here:

I wanted to find a blog that I would actually read.  I am somewhat obsessed with Advertising and today I sat down at my computer, opened it, and immediately (obviously) signed onto Facebook.  The first thing that popped up in my newsfeed was the new iPhone 5 Apple commercial.  I clicked IMMEDIATELY.  I watched the commercial and wasn’t too swayed by it.  This article however, made me excited for new commercials to come. Continue reading

Apple Fanatic vs Mike Daisey

Apple Fanatic: Okay Mike Daisey that is enough, I do not want to hear anymore! My iPhone is my life, my connection to the outside world, my baby. My iPhone and I have been together for years, she would never betray me like this. Sure, she was made in China, but try and find me something that was NOT made overseas. She’s mine now, who cares where she came from or who made her. Who do you think you are? What makes you think you can come in here and tarnish our relationship with your lies!

….I mean, they are lies right? Foxconn cannot be a real place; Foxconn cannot be the place my beloved iPhone was made. Steve Jobs and Apple would never do such a thing. They would never treat workers like that…right? Even if Foxconn is a real place, it has nothing to do with Apple. It CANNOT be Apple…right?