What is Unfair?

So, the last Blog Council-

Foster(This: NOT this:)

and Ronjohn (This: NOT this: )

Decided this week would be interesting to use the blog to tie into the theme of fairness and justice.  Now, we all know, especially those of us who read lots of posts, that it is nice to have a DIVERSITY of topics.  So, here is how this week will work.

Write about a law that you would argue is unfair or unjust.  Describe the law and what about it is either unfair or unjust.  Extra coolness factor for linking your analysis to some of the ideas about ethics of justice or fairness.

BUT, you need to check the blog.  Your post must be a DIFFERENT law than any other posted.  So, to make life easier, please make sure you use the tag and category “Law.”  Also, please add a comment to THIS POST with the title and/or law of your post.

Oh yeah, good post to use a poll on. 

Below the fold, I will offer up a list for people who are stuck. Continue reading

Pop Culture Reflections of BGS issues

For your next blog post (#5), the idea is to use the blog to have some fun, probe how popular culture (TV, film, comics, music, books, video games, and so on) reflect issues relevant to BGS such as ethics, business, power, politics, and the like.

One of my classes last year did a similar theme, but more focused on TV.  You can see that BC report here.

You have a lot of latitude. If at all possible, include a link, or image to your post.

Use categories (media and culture, at least) and tags, of course!

I’ll do a model post too.

Brand Exceptionalism in Relation to BGS

I stumbled upon a blog comment called “The end of brand exceptionalism?” on a blog titled ideationz…a blog from rick s. pulito. As someone very interested in brand management and marketing, I always find interest in linking my not-necessarily-marketing-specific readings to my more favored subjects. This particular article shared some common threads with the cases that we have recently analyzed in BGS. The author forms one strong connection when he claims, “It’s about being ‘liked’ and that means that your brand has to make others feel ‘liked’ as a result of associating with you.” I immediately related this idea to the Apple “case study” and the TAL videos. Certainly, the recent Foxconn scandal may cause concern among socially-conscious customers, but Apple nevertheless expects to sell 10 million iPhone 5s by the end of September. Customers favor Apple products for the same reasons that analysts marvel at it’s success – the “cool” factor. But at what point does success overshadow ethics?

Blog 4- Find and Interact with Another Blog

Ok, first off, you know that you will now ALWAYS use categories and tags for EVERY post.

Now, as you know that WordPress.com is BOTH publishing platform and a social network of all wordpress.com users and their blogs, let’s explore what this “blogosphere‘ has to offer.  I DO NOT WANT MAJOR MEDIA BLOGS.

Your mission, and you have to choose it (reference to old TV MI show), is to find a blog that you find interesting, provocative, or engaging that is in the wordpress.com blogosphere.  Write a comment there.  Write your own post somehow in dialogue with the target (other blog) post.  Include a HYPERLINK in your post. Continue reading