Steve Jobs Interruption

Steve Jobs: Excuse me Mr. Daisy? What have you ever done to promote American industry? You think one trip to Foxconn makes you better than the rest of us? You feel able to pass judgement on American consumerism as if you’re not a part of it. Meanwhile, you sit back in your Hawaiian shirts made in China and gorge yourself on the fast food meals provided by minimum wage workers and have the nerve to criticize what I have built? I’m not saying that the conditions are ideal at Foxconn. I know its no walk in the park. But do I make the rules? No. Did I build that massive factory compound? No.

You say sarcastically “Its me against Apple. Who do you think is going to win?” You say this as if you are good and Apple is evil. If you are so good, Mr. Daisy, then why no call to arms for your listeners? Why not put more effort into making a change rather than just making a statement. By packaging, performing, and selling this little monologue act of yours based on their working conditions, you are profiting from those Foxconn workers just as much as I am.