Now that CAN’T be good…

Phillip J. Redman

For the first proposal of my white paper, I chose to look into coal mining and coal-fired power plants.  I found that regulations are being set for business to limit their greenhouse gas emissions.  The mining and burning of coal contributes greatly to greenhouse gasses and global warming.

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Campaign Finance Reform

Campaign Finance Reform

Business Proposal

Political Campaigns in America, where democracy is a highly valued necessity, have a unique place in society.  During Presidential campaigns, candidates become quasi celebrities and spend hundreds of millions of dollars promoting themselves.  During the month of September in 2008, Obama raised over $150,000,000 which shattered all previous fundraising records.  He went on to raise over $770,000,000 total during his 2008 presidential campaign (ABC).  These enormous sums of money are donated by individuals and institutions and are protected in some instances by the first Amendment of the constitution as “freedom of speech.”  Which such a large amount of capital being donated and spent during political campaigns in America, the practice needs intricate rules and regulations. Continue reading

Petrobras v Enron

The Following is a conversation on Twitter between the Petrobas CEO and Lay and Skilling (Enron Executives) on the Enron twitter account.

PetroBros: @EnronAndGone – Opening up a new rig next month #rollininthemoney #sustainabilityischill

EnronAndGone: @PetroBros – Biggest Energy Corp in South America huh? Congrats I guess… #USA #BiggestintheWorld

PetroBros: @ EnronAndGone – Put an asterisk next to that title, all your revenue was fake… #hasbeen #suckstosuck #stillinbusiness

EnronAndGone: @PetroBros – Congrats on your new social responsibility initiatives… heard they are expensive and time consuming #MiltonFriedman #WasteofMoney

PetroBros: @EnronAndGone –   #betterthanjail


This Twitter exchange takes place between Michael Moore and Phil Knight, the CEO of NIke.  It is specifically referring to a clip in “The Big One” documentary during which Moore challenges Knight to a foot race.  The gist is that if Moore wins, then Knight has to construct a Nike factory in Detroit. Continue reading

Inglewood vs Walmart #smackdown

I was imagining this exchange occurring as Walmart was attempting to put a store in Inglewood (assuming that Twitter actually existed at that time).


@WalmartCEO: Want a walmart near you? Tell us where you live and we’ll bring one to you! #savemoney #livebetter

@InglewoodCC: @WalmartCEO anywhere but here please!

@WalmartCEO: @InglewoodCC Why not? We are helping people live better one community at a time, you could be next #morejobs #savemoney

@InglewoodCC: @WalmartCEO your presence will hurt independent business owners, create traffic congestion, and drive out better paying jobs #nowalmart

@WalmartCEO: @InglewoodCC research shows that new businesses often sprout up around our stores and we provide new job opportunities! #livebetter

@InglewoodCC: @WalmartCEO we don’t need you bringing us down, providing more minimum wage jobs, and discriminating against females #nowalmart

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Last night at the Tech/no seminar, Biz Stone spent a good amount of time talking about stories from his life that led to his success. One of my favorite stories was about his high school sports career, and the idea that if an opportunity isn’t there, you can always make one for yourself.

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