They Get Paid How Much??

For my white paper, I will be examining the issue of compensating college athletes (outside of the the scholarships that already exist).  This image presents various salaries and revenues from icons/organizations such as University of Texas head football coach Mack Brown, Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino, and the NBA (among others).  The purpose of the chart, which came from a New York Times piece, is to show the extremely high salaries that these coaches and leagues receive.  If they earn such large amounts of money, the Times article argues that athletes deserve to be paid as well because they are really the people who are generating the revenue.  In fact, the image even shows that (in the case of Texas) the head coach is paid more than the combined value of all players’ scholarships.  This is a very to-the-point, simple graphic that very effectively portrays the argument of the entire article.

The Software Patent Dilemma

While Obama did pass the America Invents Act, nothing in the act addressed software patents. Software patents have been under heated debate for years. The debate is over where the line should be in terms of what software is patentable, whether saying software patents are too abstract is fair, and if innovation is encouraged or not by patents on software. Continue reading