60 Second Awards- BC Blows the Whistle

Coach: Meg- Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Assistant Coach: Mike K.- Change Starts At Home

Captain: Jenna Romeo- Unplug for 1 Hour a Day

Quarterback: Steph- Ditch the Nukes

Offensive Coordinator: Foster- Get Rid of the Two Party System

Team Doctor: Rubio- Organ Donations

Cheerleader: Rachel Litt- Everybody Dance Now

Water Boy: Nyein- Change the World, Save Water

Team Bus Driver: Allison- “I haven’t been anywhere, but it’s on my list

Jordi’s Picks

Team Captainleading by Example:Joe- “Pay it Forward.”

Self-Help Guru :Alli- “Me, Myself, I.”

Q (for Quartermaster, the gadget guy in bond):

CO2, Imports, or Ethyl Para Hydroxybenzonate…Any Takers?


My 60-second proposal to change the world is for all global citizens to increase the amount of local food they consume, while consequently decreasing consumption of processed/imported food.  I believe that the benefits of eating local are three-fold; environmental benefits, economic benefits, and health benefits.   Continue reading

Put a Smile on Your Face…Make the World a Better Place

For this week’s blog post, I wanted to come up with something really simple and seemingly trivial that I really thought could make a difference in the world one person at a time.  What I came up with was this: smile and say hello.

Now, maybe that sounds stupid.  Or maybe my Midwestern mentality painfully shines through by suggesting that people smile and say hi to strangers, but I really do think it can make a difference.  Every time somebody I don’t know takes a moment to acknowledge and greet me, or when I do the same to somebody else, I really think the innate warmth of human nature is reflected in the eyes of both of us.  In this day and age of impersonal technological communication, I think it would be great if more people could be reminded of the value of simple human interaction, especially with someone that’s not a close friend or family member.  Let’s be honest.  We’ve all had those times when we’ve inadvertently locked eyes with a complete stranger while passing him/her.  All I’m saying is rather than turning away and thinking about how awkward that eye contact was, why not just smile and say, “Hi”? Embrace the weird moment.  Maybe they’ll think you’re crazy (like if they’re from New York) or maybe they’ll love it.  Who cares?  Outside of bubbles like Bucknell/Lewisburg, you’ll probably never run into that person again.  Might as well make a good first and last impression, right?

And if you don’t buy it from me, maybe you’ll enjoy it more in musical form.

Change the world: Save water

Colorado River Abstract

Colorado River Abstract (Photo credit: cobalt123)

Water may be the most abundant thing on earth, but 99% of it is saltwater that is unsuitable for human consumption and use. Two thirds of the remaining one percent is locked up in the polar ice caps and glazers. So, only one third of one percent of the total of world’s water is shared between human and other organisms.

Water management has become a top priority in UN agenda. The United Nations estimated that 30% of the world population in 50 countries will face water shortages by 2025. According to the World Water Organization, as many as 135 million people may die from water-related diseases by 2020 if no action is taken to meet basic water needs. Continue reading

The Happiest Place on Earth…!

You will all make complete fun of me for this post.  But I have to say that something that could change the world, are what many people touched upon, an increase in happiness.  I think that families need to be happier.  I have watched too many divorces, seen friends run away from home, or even have friends and their parents just not get along. Continue reading

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

Just soakin’ up France

Get out there and see the world! Seriously, there is so much to see – and more importantly, to learn.

Some of the biggest issues we find in the world stem from a lack of cultural understanding. Often times, when another culture or way of life is so different from our own, it can be hard to accept those differences. Culturally, what is “right” and what is “wrong” isn’t always clear, and as humans I think we naturally have a desire to decide between the two.

Continue reading

Pay It Forward

This basic idea is old.  It has been used in several books and movies over the last hundred years, but the philosophy is sound.  The idea is to try to perform three kind acts per day.  The three recipients of these kind acts must then strive to also perform at least three kind acts for three other people, therefore paying the debt forward to a third party.

If everyone took part in this simple practice, the world would be a better place.  While this wouldn’t stop poverty, hunger, and wars overnight; it would help to make everyone’s day-to-day quality of living a little bit better.  The long term affects of this practice could prove to be truly world changing.  If kindness could become a cornerstone of society’s values around the world, maybe one day humanities problems could be solved through efficient coordination.