White Paper Proposal 3: Business


The individual insurance mandate is applicable to virtually every American business, so I must evaluate the American insurance market as a whole as opposed to just one specific business/company.  The source that I will be utilizing in order to do this is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce website.  Although this source tends to lean to the right, it does offer valuable insights and opinions regarding the positives and negatives of the mandate as well as suggestions for the future. Continue reading

CO2, Imports, or Ethyl Para Hydroxybenzonate…Any Takers?


My 60-second proposal to change the world is for all global citizens to increase the amount of local food they consume, while consequently decreasing consumption of processed/imported food.  I believe that the benefits of eating local are three-fold; environmental benefits, economic benefits, and health benefits.   Continue reading


This Twitter exchange takes place between Michael Moore and Phil Knight, the CEO of NIke.  It is specifically referring to a clip in “The Big One” documentary during which Moore challenges Knight to a foot race.  The gist is that if Moore wins, then Knight has to construct a Nike factory in Detroit. Continue reading

What’s Underneath Patagonia?


We all know Patagonia as the high-end outerwear company that provides the perfect amount of warmth on these crisp fall days.  What we don’t see is what goes on behind the company’s doors.  Patagonia was founded in California in 1972 by Yvon Chouinard, who never intended for his product to be so fashion forward.  Maybe fashion forward is the wrong term to use here- it’s not like someone would wear a Patagonia to a formal ball in NYC, but you catch my drift. Continue reading