Mexico’s Failure Against Drug Cartels

drug flow

Mexico’s drug industry is much larger than anyone actually knows. It is the second largest industry of Mexico behind oil. This is a common fact most Americans may not know but after decades of foreign genocides and world wars you would think we may pay attention to foreign affairs. Drug cartels in Mexico very well could reach genocide levels. It is considered home to the most dangerous city on the planet and since the death of Bin laden, home to the most dangerous person as well. Continue reading

Proposal 3- Business Impact, Cartels

For my third proposal I relied on the old school source of books once again. I found many other books surrounding the one I used for last weeks post on the issue of Mexican Cartels. These books touch on a lot of issues from the violence to the business of these groups. This week I was focusing on the business part of the cartels in Mexico. I used the book “El Narco” which covers the investigation from journalist Ioan Grillo. He spent a decade in Mexico covering these dangerous groups with testimonies from people inside the cartels and analysis from others. This source is different from others in that it is written more like a story from this journalist’s findings. It still presents some very interesting facts and information worth looking at for my paper. Continue reading

White paper Proposal 2- Mexican Cartels

As I did more research on my white paper topic I decided to focus my attention to the impact these violent groups have on the mexican government and law enforcement. The government may be a source of the problem but may also be the only solution to stopping these violent groups from wreaking havoc on the country.  Continue reading

White Paper- Effects of Mexican Cartels

For my white paper I have decided to investigate the prevalence of mexican cartels and the effects they have on different communities. Mexican drug cartels have been around for decades but have recently become more powerful because of the elimination of Columbia cartels in the 1990s. Mexican cartels are known mainly for their drug trafficking activity which controls 90% of the drug flow into the United States. However, these groups have many other destructive practices that cause terror for the mexican people, government, and economy. Cartels have emerged as formidable enemies against the mexican government. These groups influence politics and the economy of Mexico through the use of violence. The power of the cartels have grown over the past decade as well as the cartel related deaths. I plan to examine the effects these groups have on the mexican state and nearby countries like the United
States. Continue reading

Dillards? Racial Profiling in the South Will Not Work

So many of you may not know what Dillards is but it is the third largest department store in the United States. I am very familiar because my mom’s entire family is from a small town in Alabama and it is pretty much considered Khols. It is obviously a department store operating in the north also but I’ve only experienced them in the south. What most of us do not know is that Dillards has been accused on many accounts of racial profiling in the U.S. Continue reading