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I am an assistant professor in the Management School at Bucknell University. I specialize in organization theory, social networks, and studying the network society. I have three children, including twins. They love bouncing on the couch, legos, music, and my waffles. My wife teaches English at the same university. I am interested in most things, but these days, networks, social entrepreneurs, the environment, innovation, and virtual worlds. Finding Hidden Abodes and Shaking Iron Cages since 1972

LAST post- 60 second idea to change the world

There is a lot wrong with the world.  But there is nothing wrong with the world that cannot be fixed by what is right with the world (thanks Bill Clinton for the phrase).  I think the same mix is inside each of us.  Hopefully, your education and this class have given you the means and tools to find what is fixable and how to start fixing.

What To Do

In that spirit, your last post is to think of a “60 second idea to improve the world.”  This is shamelessly borrowed form a BBC podcast I heard. (You can riff on an idea there if you like).

Please read your post and time it to sixty seconds!  These should be short, powerful, and convincing.  60 seconds is about two paragraphs or 500 words. Continue reading

A Picture is Worth… Blog Post 10

The last BC (Hooray to the super duo of Ally P and Nyein) suggested we explore images.  Good idea.

If you learn only one thing from me, ALWAYS SOURCE images.  In today’s world of cameras everywhere, fast networks, and social sharing, images are everywhere.  And they can be powerful communications.  But to use one that is unsourced is the mark of laziness or ignorance.

So, here is your task.  Think about your white paper topic.  Find an image (preferably a photo, but a cartoon or a very good data visualization can work), share it on our blog and write one paragraph about what it conveys, why you picked it, and of course, provide a credit as to where it came from.

How to find an image?

Google images is not bad.  But there are better options for focused searches.

CC search is a portal to search a variety of very good cc (creative commons license, an alternative to copyright) archives like Flickr, wikimedia and others.

Buckell’s library has a finding images guide too.

Fireshot is a great Firefox extension for doing screen captures including just parts of a webpage.  If you use Mac and Chrome, I saw this article of good screen capture apps.

Milton Back From the Grave Debates Chile, BP With Ed

Ed Bushy Beard @Milton  Congratz on your Nobel prize.  Guess you will argue stronger against any social responsibility beyond profit now.  Say Hi to Pinochet if you visit again. #nobelecon #freechile #neoliberal

Milton @Ed Bushy Beard Thank you.  No reason or evidence to change my core thesis.  Visiting Pinochet is not endorsing policies.  Whatever, Allende ruined the economy with his soft-headed, big-hearted socialism. #keynessucks #smartisconservative

Ed Bushy Bear @Milton  Not sure you can have market freedom and political oppression.  What do you think of BP’s use of cap and trade internally to price pollution?  http://tinyurl.com/284x4eg #greenenergy #stakeholderrocks

Milton @Ed Bushy Bear.  You can put lipstick on a pig…soft-headed CEOS still trying to do what government should do.  Carbon tax simpler, more-market based.  #marketsrule

Ed Bushy Bear @Milton  If the end of financial regulation is the victory for neo-liberal economics, then its demon-spawn, the Great Recession, is the tocsin for a new Keynes to emerge.  #marketsruletoomuch #keynesnow


Edward Freeman is a Big Thinker with a Big Beard.

Hallow-nine blog post

Ok, terrible pun.  A week after our hiatus, and here we are, nestled between Frakenstorm and Halloween.  (GREAT visuals of storm damage here.)

So, you may or may not recall the last BC’s idea that this post should play with the constraint of the twitter “tweet’ character limit of 160 characters.  In fact, when Biz Stone was here, he mentioned at one point that constraints often lead to creativity.  So, embrace this constraint as a way to improve your creativity!

The idea is to take ay two antagonist, rivals, or interlocutors form our class and imagine they have a twitter exchange.  This should be around five tweets.  If you write it in wordpress, you get  a word count below, but not characters.  MS Word can do characters, and then you can paste it here (remember to use the tool in the WP editor!)

Have fun with this.  Try to get the “voice” of your two characters.  You can imagine a context or setting that would put them in conversation too.  Maybe they ran into each other at a restaurant?  At a political event?

A list of possible pairs below the jump… Continue reading

More Twitter Facts…

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Compiled by Elizabeth Pullman who is doing an independent study on social media with me.

Twitter Facts

Fun Facts:

Inspiration for Twitter

–          Jack Dorsey had the realization that you could view your “buddy list” from Instant Messenger to find out what your friends were up to, but they were limited to their computer. Therefore, they weren’t providing constant updates Continue reading

Finding a Company or Organization to Study (Blog 8)

With the advice of last week’s blog council (Thanks Grace, Heather, Mary, and Jenna), this week’s post is the chance to learn more about a company or organization (government or society) that you might use for paper 2.  This can be any organization, but one that is worthwhile for being an inspiring or anti-inspiring example is best.  We are looking for you to use good information literacy skills too bot h in what information you find, and in letting readers know what those sources were.

You are not obligated to use this organization as your case study for paper 2.  But you are welcome to.  Also, you may bring us up to speed on any of the previous organizations we have read about (from Apple to Z… there is no Z, but Wal-Mart is close).

To help get the ball rolling, some lists of notable companies are below.  Only suggestions… Continue reading

What is Unfair?

So, the last Blog Council-

Foster(This: NOT this:)

and Ronjohn (This: NOT this: )

Decided this week would be interesting to use the blog to tie into the theme of fairness and justice.  Now, we all know, especially those of us who read lots of posts, that it is nice to have a DIVERSITY of topics.  So, here is how this week will work.

Write about a law that you would argue is unfair or unjust.  Describe the law and what about it is either unfair or unjust.  Extra coolness factor for linking your analysis to some of the ideas about ethics of justice or fairness.

BUT, you need to check the blog.  Your post must be a DIFFERENT law than any other posted.  So, to make life easier, please make sure you use the tag and category “Law.”  Also, please add a comment to THIS POST with the title and/or law of your post.

Oh yeah, good post to use a poll on. 

Below the fold, I will offer up a list for people who are stuck. Continue reading