The United States, Mexico and the International Drug Trade – Cartels


In my paper, which may be found here –, I aimed to show the current state of the international drug trade on both sides of the U.S./Mexican border. My focus was on cartels – namely their violence, corruption, intelligence networks, and innovations. Cartels, and specifically the Sinaloa cartel that I used as a case study, are some of the most successful criminal organization in the history of mankind. My goal was to show the effect they have in both Mexico and the United States and what could be done from a policy stand point in order to thwart their ativities.

Cartels seem cool in the movies like Traffic and showsl ike breaking bad, but they are actually essentially modern-day terrorists. They are the most violent and organzied crminial entities in the world and they seek to make every single dollar they can on any violent or business tactic they can think of. I was happy with the policy recomendations I suggested and I look forward to a day where Mexico is a safer place with little corruption and where the United States is not the #1 user of illegal drugs in the world.

International Drug trade from a Business Perspective

For this part of my proposal I want to discuss the International Drug trade from a business perspective.  With the drug trafficking industry being over a $25 billion industry, the business side is an incredibly important piece to the puzzle.  Everything is driven by money and this couldn’t be more true than with the drug industry.  If all of this money was not on the line than the cartels would not be as dangerous and there would not be as many murders of violent acts related to these organizations.

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Take Your Own Path

Quick story to start my post – Every Passover Seder I attend at my Grandmother’s apartment (my Dad’s side is Jewish) my entire family goes around the table and says something that they would like to change or stop in the world. This is a very cool tradition, sort of the opposite of saying what you are thankful for on Thanksgiving. Usually, people say things like gun violence, or cancer, or cigarettes. Well one year, my brother, in his immature punk-like adolescent stage tried to be funny – and he was. “Mad Cow Disease”, he said. And, funny enough, mad cow disease was, at the time, a serious epidemic affecting a lot of cows and people across the country who made their living from farming/the meat industry. The whole table laugh and it was a nice break from the serious nature of the table conversation.  He did not go with the theme of the table and instead did his own thing and without knowing it, brought some incredibly welcomed humor to the table.

As someone who has been fortunate to grow up in a nice suburb, go to a quality public high school and attend Bucknell University, I do not have much to complain about. But throughout the process there have been steps – private school or public school? what college? what internship? what sport? what job?…..that a lot of people look around to see what OTHER people are doing.  We are all guilty of this, me especially.  Now more than ever though it is important that we all go our own way, on our own path to determine where we want to be in the future. Many people in our class of 2013 already have jobs, many are looking for jobs, and many do not want jobs. Everyone is different and there is no right answer.

But, for me, this needs to start younger. Who cares what preschool you send your kids too or what private schools others are looking at, make decisions based on the needs and personality of yourself and your kids. Often times I feel as though the culture that I grew up in (mostly upper-middle class) was one of group think. For instance, “lets all do very similar things as to not disrupt the peace or the flow of the community”. The people that I respect the most, like my sister, are people who are after college, did exactly what they wanted to do. Hopefully one day I will have a wife and kids and be very content. But the decisions that I make for them as a family will not be based on the expectations or desires of other people or the community at large. I want my kids and myself to make decisions that make us happy and who gives a shit what other people think. Hopefully though, they choose to play basketball.


International Drug Trade from a Governmental Perspective

This week I want to look at the international drug and the United States’ involvement in it from the lens of the government.  I want to discuss what exactly the US has done in the way of laws and legislation in a response to the drug trade.  There is over a $30 billion dollar business in the US based on trafficking of international drugs.  Now that Obama is in office for a second term, what are his plans in this regard?

While not the most controversial or dangerous drug, Marijuana has been in the news for years.  Within a lot of circles there has been discussion of feel legalization of marijuana in the US.  It is often argued, as it is here, that a legalization of marijuana would make the US have less high touch environments with Mexican cartels and would, in fact, slow down their business and operations.  Here is a quick blurb from the linked article above:

“The possible legalization of marijuana at the state level in the US could provoke a considerable loss in proceeds of drug trafficking for Mexican criminal organizations,” the report concludes. In fact, it says, ballot initiatives Tuesday could represent the biggest blow to Mexican criminal syndicates in decades.

With Oregon, Colorado and Washington having initiatives to legalize marijuana, the trend could be coming where more and more states are going to try to legalize marijuana.  How is this going to effect the international drug trade within the United States and what tangential laws will the US government put into play to make sure that the legalization does not become a problem?  It has been determined by a Mexican think tank that these laws could lower marijuana trafficking and revenues within the US by 30% for cartels.

I want to take a look at the history of US drugs laws and how they have adapted to the change of different strategies by drug traffickers.  Here are some major milestones in America’s history with drug policy.  I look forward to diving into this history and any other future plans in order to see both the short and long term strategy.





International Drug Trade

For my white paper I want to research and report on the international drug trade as it relates to the United States.   I have always been very interested in this topic as it is one that affects every single continent on earth and being that the United States is one of the wealthiest and more powerful countries it is important to understand their role in it and how that role needs to be changed to meet the government’s goals.

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Twitter’s Effects on Journalism

Two nights ago at the Biz Stone lecture I asked him how he felt journalism had been effected by twitter and how journalists had adapted to it with reporting the news.

He did not dodge the question at all and basically send he felt like journalists used twitter as a tool to let people know their articles were posted immediately and he said he felt like twitter was not at all a hurdle for the future of journalism.   While I do agree with him, journalism and the tendencies of journalists has certainly been changed by the rapid growth of Twitter.

National Football League – Evil Empire, Sports Entertainment Juggernaut

Many would argue that the NFL is now America’s new pastime.  While it is a complicated game (my mom still doesn’t understand the rules), it is a game full of excitment and intrigue.  Every Sunday, and now Mondays and Thursdays as well, fans to get to dive into their couches, their buffalo wings, their laptops, and their plasma televisions to catch all the action.

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