Legalize Marijuana


The legalization of marijuana is a very large and current debate in the United States.  Eighteen states and Washington, D.C. have already legalized medical use of marijuana, and Washington and Colorado have gone a step further and legalized regulated recreational use.  The purpose of this paper is to persuade voters to push the federal government to legalize marijuana, at least for medical use.


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WP Proposal 3- Gov


I originally thought that I wanted to write my White Paper on something regarding the environment since that is a strong interest of mine.  My past two proposals were on the topic of coal mining and coal-fired power plants, but after doing some initial research I decided that I chose that topic because it seemed safe.  On top of that, it seems pretty boring as well!  I have decided to change my topic to the legalization of marijuana since I wrote a blog post on the topic and enjoyed learning about it.

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White Paper Proposal 2- Coal and Society

Shawn Poynter for The New York Times

In my first proposal, I discussed the potential impacts that policies regarding coal-fired power plants have on businesses.  Basically, policies like the Clean Air Act limit the amount of pollution that coal mining and coal-fired power plants can release into the atmosphere and the environment.  Because of this, mines and plants are forced to limit their output and lower their profits. These regulations also relate to coals impact on society.

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Now that CAN’T be good…

Phillip J. Redman

For the first proposal of my white paper, I chose to look into coal mining and coal-fired power plants.  I found that regulations are being set for business to limit their greenhouse gas emissions.  The mining and burning of coal contributes greatly to greenhouse gasses and global warming.

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Can Coal Be Clean?

In class, I proposed to do my white paper on something involving BRICs nations and emerging markets, but with further research I decided that I couldn’t find a distinct enough topic that I was comfortable pursuing.  Since I have always had an interest in the environment, I decided to switch my focus to environmental issues and policies reducing global climate change.  While doing initial research, I found that the Clean Air Act showed up often regarding its effect on several industries, including coal burning power plants and car manufacturing plants.  Since I have heard discussion of “clean coal” in the presidential race, I decided that it would be a appropriate topic to do a little more research on for my proposal.

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IBM: A Great Green Leader

IBM’s Icon of Progress: Corporate Leadership in Environmental Responsibility

When I clicked on the link to Newsweek’s Top Green Companies, I really had no idea what to expect.  Environmental protection has always been an interest of mine, so “green” companies often stand out to me.  IBM is the first company on their list, and after doing some basic research, it is clear why they have earned the top spot.

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