Appearance Discrimination in Hiring Teaser

After conducting research for my Paper 2 about Hooters, its hiring practices, and its sexist practices, I became very interested in laws regarding hiring discrimination.  When looking up the current regulations there are on hiring discrimination, I noticed that there was no current laws prohibiting discrimination based on appearance.  Abercrombie & Fitch opens its London Store, 2007

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White Paper Proposal 3 – Society

For my White Paper Proposal Three I looked at two different books I found through the library source.  I found these to be very interesting because they not only looked at the discrimination at play based on attractiveness but also why such discrimination should and does exist. Continue reading

The Happiest Place on Earth…!

You will all make complete fun of me for this post.  But I have to say that something that could change the world, are what many people touched upon, an increase in happiness.  I think that families need to be happier.  I have watched too many divorces, seen friends run away from home, or even have friends and their parents just not get along. Continue reading

White Paper Proposal 2

The business perspective

Hiring for attractiveness is seen from very different stand points depending on which point of view you are looking at the issue from.  My last proposal discussed the Government perspective and how while there isn’t a current policy in place for attractiveness discrimination in hiring, the EEOC has investigated many companies because of their said hiring only the attractive but a policy still isn’t in place.  For this proposal I will look at the idea through a business perspective.

As one may think, businesses want to be able to hire whoever they think is best fit for the job.  If having attractive employees brings in more customers, than the company will defend this practice.  In order to look closer into why this is, and why businesses think it is ethical, I will look at a Newsweek article I came across detailing the results of a poll of hiring managers, and two different businesses who think this is ethical. Continue reading

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Hiring Discrimination


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There are many regulations set on hiring.  The government clearly has recognized that this is a problem and there are currently many regulations in place protecting individuals against this type of discrimination.  My idea for this Paper stemmed from my Paper 2 research topic of the ethical performance of Hooters.  While researching I came across many different articles of many different companies currently using questionable practices. Continue reading

Sex or Wings?

What are they really selling?

For my Paper 2 Company I am going to look at Hooters.  I think this is a very interesting company that has a very unique strategy for success.  Check out the Hooters website for some light reading but some really attractive pictures of the employees, the Hooters Girls.  If you look around the site you can find that Hooters has ironically been raising money for a Breast Cancer Research Foundations.  If you look at the About page you will see that next to the company’s mission statement, a really gorgeous blonde.

The Mission Statement “Our mission is to provide a family of hospitality and services that achieves excellence and enhances lifestyles of all who come in contact with the Hooters brand.”

The Restaurant Mission Statement “We are committed to providing an environment of employee growth and development so that we can provide every guest a unique, entertaining dining experience in a fun and casual atmosphere delivered by attractive, vivacious Hooters Girls while making positive contributions to the communities in which we live.”

Below these statements it says HOOTERS MAKES YOU HAPPY!!  If you return to the main homepage there are opportunities to look at the Swimsuit Competition Winners Gallery, the Hooters Girls Calender, and the Hooters Girls Hall of Fame.  These pages are all fairly degrading to women and the woman body.  If you click on the “Want to be a Hooters Girl? link you can see the advice on how to look, dress, and exercise.  It talks about the look of a Hooters Girl and how to become a Hooters Girl.  If you are even more interested in becoming or learning about the life of a Hooters Girl you can watch the youtube video below (which you need to confirm your age in order to watch.  Is it porn?  No.  But it is ironic.)

Are the business practices ethical?  That is what I want to look into.  Are you selling food?  Sex?  Hot bodies?  An experience?  Do women and children enjoy this aspect of Hooters?  I am curious to do more research and find more about this company.

I do not have anything against the company, I even told my Dad when I was younger that I wanted to be a Hooters girl.  He didn’t like that too much.  I went through the Global Context Issues Database and found many articles about Hooters.  I read through a few of them and learned about the EEOC’s scrutiny of the company for not hiring men, and the current craze of “breastaurants” like Hooters.

I will focus on the company’s overall strategy and hiring processes, with a focus on the ethical principles behind the company.  Based on my initial research the company seems pretty degrading towards women.  I recently found an article in the NYTimes about how Hooters is re-organizing their marketing strategy focusing on women and families.  Are they changing the outfits?  Or the requirements to work their?  No.  They are making the inside of the restaurants lighter and the menu healthier.  Do women really want to eat with another girls’ breasts in their face?  Hm.  I am pretty pumped to write this paper.