White Paper Teaser: Innovation in Education


Recent studies have shown that students can learn more from videos, games, and other forms of interactive learning than they can in the traditional classroom. A student’s attention span is about 10-18 minutes before their mind begins to drift, suggesting 1 hour+ long lectures are very ineffective (Ripley). Students also can retain more from watching a documentary or a YouTube video on a topic rather than reading a 500+ page book on it. I believe replacing traditional, archaic forms of learning with an innovative form of online and interactive learning would not only help students learn more, but also could provide an option of lower costs and high availability. We would be replacing the traditional classroom with a virtual one. If implemented properly, online learning could revolutionize education and make a college degree much more affordable. Continue reading

Face of Mirror (Social Entrepreneurship)



            Every society possesses a wide array of socio-economic issues, even those that the government proves incapable of fixing. Charities provide aid, and a means to an end, but sometimes an issue requires maximum man-power, to the degree of movement, in order to facilitate change towards a solution. Continue reading

The Future of Transportation

33,000. That’s the number of deaths resulting from car accidents in 2010. Now add the death tolls from wars involving territory and gasoline. Plus the side-effects of gas emissions from cars on the environment. That’s a lot of bad. Continue reading

Daisy vs Jobs

@RealMikeDaisy: Happy Halloween everyone! Last time I saw this many zombies walking around? #foxconn

@RealMikeDaisy: I would like to apologize for that last tweet. Did not mean to offend anyone.

@SteveJobsGhost:  @RealMikeDaisy I’m watching you.

@RealMikeDaisy: Finally got my iphone 5 in the mail, then realized its the same thing as iphone 4s. Threw it in the trash and powered up my old android.

@SteveJobsGhost: @RealMikeDaisy Boo!

@FosterAKAforest: yo @RealMikeDaisy I have an android they’re excellent. I don’t own an apple product. Please retweet me- trying to increase my followers:following ratio.



Hipsters Increasing Unemployment?

We’re all familiar with Instagram, well at least 35 million of us are. The hipster camera app with the addicting ability to let us show off and share our photography skills, or lack there of photography skills, disguised by beautiful filters. If I had a nickel for every time Forest Perlmutter “instagrammed” a photo of his current meal, I’d be a rich man. Ironically, when Facebook acquired Instagram for 1 billion, the company had generated nothing in revenue, and only employed 13 people.  Continue reading

C. Wright Mills would be ashamed

My sociological imagination is at an all-time low right now. In fact, tonight I chose to catch up on homework rather than watch the presidential debate. It feels like I have no time for society anymore. Ever since I got to college, I’ve watched less sports than ever before, which really shows how truly disconnected I am. I guess I got used to watching tv once in a while through hulu.com, and catching up on articles through twitter. Continue reading

Greed is Good?

I know, cliche to use a movie titled “Wall Street” in a blog post about comparing a film to business ethics. But I couldn’t help but draw the direct ‘shareholder wealth vs stakeholder’ analogy to the 1987 blockbuster hit. The movie portrayed a wall street millionaire/billionaire, corporate-raiding Gordon Gekko, and the journey of a young stock broker named Bud Fox.

Continue reading

Innovation and teaching our elders

When searching for a blog, I stumbled upon an “innovation and technology” blog of a Bucknell alumand former teammate of mine.  AJ Pompliano is an entrepreneur and recently sold his first company. He tends to blog about startups and technology, but one of his recent posts stood out to me.

He discussed an experience he had while training two older men to use Twitter. Both men were fascinated with innovation and technology, but were clueless when it came to using technological tools like social media. The didn’t even know how to send a text or email from the cell phone.

Aj brought up an interesting point: “I wish we could empower more people in our oldest generations. As a country we spend so much time thinking about our children (I am guilty as well) that we forget about our elders. I need to spend more time focused on educating them as well. They deserve the benefits of innovation just as much as the rest of us!” Continue reading

Paper 1 Idea

As an idea, I’m curious about the recent news of the facebook stocks on a steady decline. I’d like to explore the recent “Tech bubble” in social media, Zuckerberg’s future with facebook, and the differences with the company now that it’s public. Will Facebook be successful by continuing to support it’s users, or should Facebook justly focus on appeasing its shareholders. Despite what he says, Zuckerberg seems to value his users with the free-service of facebook rather than prioritizing shareholders’ wealth and revenue. Will Zuckerberg ever be fired? Will he then be compared to Steve Jobs, whom was fired from Apple at age 30? This dilemma is an example of shareholders vs stakeholders.

Check out this excerpt from the article, in which former Apple CEO John Sculley says,  Continue reading