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A Look into the Manufacturing Industry

Outsourcing manufacturing is undoubtedly the aspect of outsourcing which comes to mind the most when discussing this topic.  At one time, the manufacturing industry was a booming, thriving business and factories like JBC Company, Inc. owned by Joseph Campolong made millions of dollars from their American business. I was fortunate enough to be able to interview my two Uncles about their lucrative business now known as DDJ  before the clothing manufacturing industry dried up for my relatives three years ago. Continue reading

Proposal 3- The morality of outsourcing; or lack thereof

For my third proposal, I came across an article in the international journal of social economics regarding the practice of labor exploitation overseas. In my previous proposals, I have talked about the many reasons why companies choose to outsource labor and the positive and negative aspects that they have on a business and the economy. A point I haven’t really considered yet, is how moral it actually is to hire a worker overseas who has the same qualifications as an American citizen, while paying them half as much. Continue reading

Slow it Down

Everything in the world, including ourselves, runs at a supersonic pace. Americans are born with caffeine flowing through their blood stream and the 8 hours of sleep requirement is something we experience only when we’re on our death bed. Do you ever wonder why there are so many more health issues in today’s society compared to the early 1900s? It’s because we don’t understand the concept of slowing down and taking a break. Continue reading

Paper 2 The Ethical Pro’s and Woe’s of Nonprofit Organizations

The Ethical Pro’s and Woe’s of Nonprofit Organizations

By: Alexandra Campolong

Nonprofit organizations have become a major part of community-building and regeneration on both the local and national level. Over the last decade, there has been a general increase in the importance of nonprofit organizations as providers of social, health, and educational benefits in the economy in countries such as North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific.[1] Nonprofits are now viewed as part of the transitional stage from industrial to post-industrial societies and the connector of several countries to one unified global community. Continue reading

..But what if my job doesn’t want to go to China?

It was actually pretty easy finding pictures about outsourcing labor. The hard part was limiting which ones I could post about. I really became attracted to the topic of outsourcing labor and whether or not it is considered economically beneficial. I have found a lot of information regarding the pros and cons and feel like I’m pretty ready to tackle the issue. The first picture I chose was from a worker strike in 2007 against Disney World in Orlando Florida. Contractors from Disney World were accused of firing hundreds of employees and replacing them with illegal immigrants. They have also been hiring outside companies to do jobs that were originally given to current workers and getting rid of their jobs left and right. Six unions banded together outside of Disney World’s gates and 29,000 members raised awareness of the outsourcing of labor that Disney has been involved in. I was definitely surprised to see that Disney was a part of the outsourcing labor phenomena and I will most likely be using this example as part of my white paper. The final picture I found, I couldn’t resist posting. Thanks to google images once again, I came across a dozen of hilarious pictures about the topic of outsourcing. This one was my particular favorite.  It’s amazing how the addition of the word “humor” to a current search bar search can change the types of images that come up. You have to love cartoon humor.

Do Something…Literally

Who doesn’t love hearing about the next big company scandal in the business world? In a society where being the best, the biggest, and the most profitable are highly praised attributes for corporations, unethical behavior is pretty much unavoidable. On every popular magazine or newspaper cover, it seems as if there is another company who is charged with breaking the rules. I can admit that I too love to read all of the juicy drama and corporate scandals happening each and every day, but wouldn’t it be a nice change to read about companies who are doing good rather than just those that are making the most money or receiving the most negative press? Continue reading

Can I see your ID?

An 18th birthday is an exciting event for every teenager. At this age, a person can finally be considered an adult. Tobacco lovers can purchase tobacco, gamblers can gamble in casinos and buy lottery tickets, and a person can legally fight for their country. You can vote, get married, buy a gun, and even go to a strip club if that’s your style. But what’s the one thing you can’t do? Drink a beer.

Continue reading