White Paper Proposal #3 – State of the NCAA



Well, as I was going over my white paper so that I can add it to the blog later, I realized that I never actually posted my third WP proposal.  So here it is.  Better late than never…

At first, I struggled to think about how I would execute the government proposal.  I wasn’t really sure where I should look.  As I began reading up on the NCAA, though, I decided to try to find an article about its relationship with the United States Justice Department. I was able to find this Chronicle article (2010) about the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division and its investigation into one of the NCAA’s most controversial regulations.  Lawyers from the division met with officials from the NCAA to discuss the regulations surrounding scholarships.  The NCAA used one-year scholarships that could be renewed for no longer than five years.

Another huge part of the investigation was the notion of antitrust that has plagued the NCAA for years.  If it was found that the one-year scholarships (and other NCAA measures) were not really in place to protect amateurism, but rather to somehow monopolize the market, then the NCAA’s future could have bene at risk.  This article was perfect because the use of one-year scholarships was something I wanted to look further into for my paper and something about which I wanted to consider making a recommendation.


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