Mexico’s Failure Against Drug Cartels

drug flow

Mexico’s drug industry is much larger than anyone actually knows. It is the second largest industry of Mexico behind oil. This is a common fact most Americans may not know but after decades of foreign genocides and world wars you would think we may pay attention to foreign affairs. Drug cartels in Mexico very well could reach genocide levels. It is considered home to the most dangerous city on the planet and since the death of Bin laden, home to the most dangerous person as well.

Mexico may truly be a failing state. Enforcement agencies are ineffective so society is left to fight the drug war alone. The citizens live in a complete state of terror and fear. Prisoners within their own homes. The only hero left to fight is the Mexican government that is extremely ineffective. The political and government system is poisoned by immense amounts of corruptions from judges, police, politicians, and army soldiers. Without change, Mexico will be a forbidden territory to anyone that values their life.



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