Appearance Discrimination in Hiring Teaser

After conducting research for my Paper 2 about Hooters, its hiring practices, and its sexist practices, I became very interested in laws regarding hiring discrimination.  When looking up the current regulations there are on hiring discrimination, I noticed that there was no current laws prohibiting discrimination based on appearance.  Abercrombie & Fitch opens its London Store, 2007

If you have ever walked into an Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister, it quickly becomes clear that the employees all have a certain look.  Each store may be trying to capture a certain look, or essence, but in order to do so, they are discriminating.  They will only hire people who have this look, when this look isn’t necessary to complete the functions of the business.  Does a person need to be attractive to greet customers?  Check them out at the cash register?  No, a person doesn’t need to be attractive to complete the duties or functions of these businesses.  This company is guilty of the same practice that many other companies, in many different industries are guilty of, appearance discrimination.

While it can be argued that these practices are beneficial for businesses, the bottom line is that it is unethical to hire a more attractive candidate over a more qualified one.  Beauty should not be considered a qualification.  This is an unethical hiring practice.  All business should strive to be ethical in all areas of business.  It is also possible that being attractive can correlate to other traits that may be a reason for hire, but ultimately this type of discrimination hurts society.

After a detailed analyse of this problem in society and business culture, I propose that this type of discrimination should be prohibited.  The EEOC covers many types of discrimination to strive to equal employment opportunities, and this type of discrimination should also be under regulation.  While there are many possible arguments against my proposal, I truly believe that appearance discrimination must be prohibited.  It is unethical, and harmful towards society.


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