Affirmative Action Teaser–What do we value?

The good intentions of affirmative action policy have become counterproductive to the progress of society.  A decision must be made about the future of race relations
in our country.   Do we aspire to be a society that is truly equal of opportunity, regardless of race? I believe we do, but I deeply contest affirmative action’s ability to lead us there.

Many think that we should continue down our same path of atonement for the wrongdoings of generations past.  They contend that the use of racial discrimination in a “positive” way will allow targeted groups to feel as if justice has been done.  I challenge that this offers only the illusion of equality, not the ideal itself.  Our current path is beset with the same hurdles of racial and ethnic division as the road behind us.  The only hope of overcoming these obstacles is by altering our approach.  In doing so, we can ultimately reach racial equality.

In this white paper, I argue for the periodic reform and repeal of affirmative action policy.  The racial inequality that exists today can no longer be attributed to prejudice alone.  It is a product of socioeconomic disparity suffered at the hands of a gluttonous public school system than is unwilling or unable to change.  Yes, racial discrimination was initially responsible for creating the disproportion of minorities in lower socioeconomic conditions.   But, the public school system is at fault for the level of disparity seen today.  As a result of strict and measurable budget allocation reform in the public school system, we will see an improvement in student performance which will lead to success in higher education and professional settings for all students in low income areas, regardless of race.

I urge the Supreme Court to find in favor of Fisher in the crucial upcoming case of Fisher v. University of Texas.  Such a ruling will be a catalyst for the policy change we so desperately need to progress towards a society that is racially equal in the eyes of the law, and ultimately each other.


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