Proposal 3- Business Impact, Cartels

For my third proposal I relied on the old school source of books once again. I found many other books surrounding the one I used for last weeks post on the issue of Mexican Cartels. These books touch on a lot of issues from the violence to the business of these groups. This week I was focusing on the business part of the cartels in Mexico. I used the book “El Narco” which covers the investigation from journalist Ioan Grillo. He spent a decade in Mexico covering these dangerous groups with testimonies from people inside the cartels and analysis from others. This source is different from others in that it is written more like a story from this journalist’s findings. It still presents some very interesting facts and information worth looking at for my paper.

Most articles, journals, and other sources only touch on the U.S. role in this massive drug trafficking industry. I however want to focus my attention to the business mexican cartels create for local citizens. Mexican drug trafficking is much like any other industry except for the fact that it is illegal. Basically they are large companies making and selling products with a CEO calling the shots. The products pass through several hands to eventually end up in the end consumers body. This industry is so productive in Mexico that it rivals oil exports. The profits spill over into many other industries like hotels, cattle ranches, and soccer teams.

The Mexican people may be the most affected by this huge industry. It provides thousands of jobs in poor rural areas that need them most. It starts from the supplier. Cocaine for instance can make a Colombian peasant $80 from selling a bundle of leaves from a 2 acre field. The book I found also told the story of a small town mechanic that was offered $900 to drive a car upstate, that had cocaine hidden in the tires. For many low to middle class families this amount of money can provide essentials that a family may need. This type of business happens all the time to provide families in need, a way out of poverty.

The countless gruesome deaths that happen every day in the streets of Mexico contribute to the citizens living in fear. The cartels cause mass amounts of destruction with little to no reprimand. This is largely because of how massive this drug industry is. It in some ways rules over the government because it is such a large part of the economy. And the citizens living in complete fear of losing their life, also deal with the fear of poverty. This business can be the job that relieves the people of the problem of poverty but ignites the violence happening to these same people.


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