White Paper Proposal 3 – Government

For my third white paper proposal, I am looking into government sources. For my governmental sources, I am looking into the United Nations, the European Union, and human rights policies in China. Looking over these governmental sites, it is clear that these countries are all operating with different focuses on human trafficking issues.

After doing a little bit of research, I stumbled upon a research document from Connecticut College which stated that policies in China increase human trafficking. These policies that I am talking about do not directly relate to trafficking, but have a correlation with the increased presence of human trafficking. The one policy I am looking into directly is the one child law in China. Due to this law, many women who have more than one child end up selling their “excess” children or paying for someone to smuggle them into other countries. When being smuggled into other countries, many of these women and children end up being trapped in a ring of human trafficking. While the source I am currently using is not incredibly reliable, it is a gateway into other more credible sources and offers an interesting policy to look into.

I also found a source from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The article from the FBI website outlines different policies already in place. Many of these policies involve identifying the threat level and acting accordingly. The FBI states that their actions, such as investigations and assessments of threats, has doubled their convictions of human traffickers. The problem with their current policies is that is only addresses one country. The FBI has a large impact in the United States, but many of these victims come from other countries. Furthermore, I highly doubt the FBI is going to post any news about the failure of any of their current policies. I am going to continue to look into other articles either criticizing or congratulating the efforts of the FBI.

The final large government source I found is from the United Nations and offers overall statistics on human trafficking. This source covers many of the countries affected and has the ability to influence policies or initiatives in these countries.  The most horrific fact I uncovered was the for every 800 victims, only one person was convicted.

Other sources I have been looking into are the following:





One thought on “White Paper Proposal 3 – Government

  1. Not surprisingly, you have found many government sources. For any country, the lines between domestic law enforcement and international law enforcement make it hard to address. The victims may be both victims and illegal immigrants. THe ring leaders are in other countries.

    You have probably already seen this, but I think one background factor to recall is that this scourge has increased due to globalization. What do you think?

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