International Drug trade from a Business Perspective

For this part of my proposal I want to discuss the International Drug trade from a business perspective.  With the drug trafficking industry being over a $25 billion industry, the business side is an incredibly important piece to the puzzle.  Everything is driven by money and this couldn’t be more true than with the drug industry.  If all of this money was not on the line than the cartels would not be as dangerous and there would not be as many murders of violent acts related to these organizations.

I think that the progressive legalization or decriminalization of some of these drugs could stem the tide of this violence.  Businesses would then become involved because the cartels could nto make as much money from the drugs when they were being sold legally in the United Sates.  It will be my job to investigate these possibilities to see if there is any data that suggests these possibilities to be true.  The business side, in my opinion, is also the middle man between government and the social side of this research paper.  If the government makes a move it affects the business side of the drug industry.  This is also true for society.  There are a lot of moving parts in this paper and it will be my job to make sure that I have a firm understanding of how each of the three pieces fit and mold to one another to have the state we currently do.

I look forward to writing about this paper from a business perspective.  I think that it will actually be the most interesting side because the affects are so far reaching.  If you’ve seen The Wire then you know that in order to track a criminal organization all you need to do is follow the money.  If I can do a good job of fo


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