The Future of Transportation

33,000. That’s the number of deaths resulting from car accidents in 2010. Now add the death tolls from wars involving territory and gasoline. Plus the side-effects of gas emissions from cars on the environment. That’s a lot of bad.

Ever since I was a little boy, I used to ask my parent and grandparents, “why don’t ‘they’ invent floating cars?” My family would respond, “And how do you expect the cars to float?”

“Well when I turn my magnetic toys upside down and opposite, they push each-other apart. So why not pave the roads and bottom of cars with opposite magnets?”

Theoretically, it could work. The cars float by the magnetic forces, harness compressed air, and convert the airflow to torque in order to move.

This will take a large investment to create, but the monetary and safety payoffs will be huge. Car accidents would be reduced, maybe even prevented, and consumers would save tons that they would otherwise spend on gasoline.

Plus, the country would no longer rely on the middle east for gas, which could lead to world peace…?

After a little digging around I found some possibilities. Check out this youtube video to see the car in action. The image and video are from a futuristic design contest hosted by Volkswagon in China, called “The perfect people’s car”.


Austin Kevitch


7 thoughts on “The Future of Transportation

  1. Very creative idea and obviously floating cars would be very cool. However, I’m not so sure that just because cars floated that would mean less accidents. If that car in the video became a reality, we would no longer need road because we could basically fly everywhere…strange thought.

  2. I wish! I do think that something dealing with deaths by car accidents or transportation is something that needs to be addressed. If cars were 100% safe and death proof there would be so many less deaths per year, less injuries, less traumas. But how can this happen? I don’t know if slowing down speed limits, raising the age to be able to drive, or what would help but I agree that this is a problem that should and could be solved with someone creative innovation.

  3. In the film Minority Report, weren’t there floating cars that were also tied together into auto-controlled streams of high speed traffic?

    Looks super cool. In terms of change, look, we went from basically a ship-and-horse world in the 1820s to a canal world by 1840s to a railroad world by the 1870s-1900s to a car world in the last hundred years. My point is that massive shifts in transportation infrastructure can happen relatively quickly.

    10 seconds on the web found this hybrid of old and new tech- tram wires for heavy trucks in Germany.

  4. I remember when I was little I used to think that cars were able to change lanes because of magnets in the ground. I didn’t quite understand that the driver was the one controlling the direction of the car… It would be really fascinating to see something like this happen within our lifetime. I’m curious as to what the next step in transportation will look like.

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