Get rid of the two party systenm

My proposal to make this world a better place is simple and to the point. We as a country should eliminate political parties together all together. Why I think this will work is that it will help the most qualified individuals rise to the top within politics.

Think about all the damage parties do. Not only do they polarize the country (who’s ready to jump off a cliff) but they manipulate the parties for office. Think about it. To begin with to even get to a general election officials have to compete in primaries. During these events every person is trying to either outdemocrat or outrepublican their opposition. This can take someone who was a centrist and force them to go to either one extreme or the other (because who really votes in primaries…people who are staunchly on one side or the other.) Therefore by the time officials move to the general election we either get the crazies or good candidates become crazies.

Instead, if there were no parties then we could simply vote on people based on merit. Instead of pandering to the “right” or “left” people could simply say what they believe in and stick too it. This would help get the most qualified people into office as well as have much more centrist politicians (if there is such a thing).

Overall I think its miserable living in the political climate we are in and believe that the two-party system is at the root of it. Lets get rid of it and see what happens…it certainly can’t be any worse than it is now.


5 thoughts on “Get rid of the two party systenm

  1. If we eliminate political parties all together then wouldn’t anyone want their shot at running the country? I feel like it’s important to have groups that represent majority ideologies, but maybe there should be more than just two major ones. I agree that the two party system causes a lot of trouble – especially when most people have views that pertain to specific areas of each – i.e. socially liberal but fiscally conservative, or vice versa. But maybe instead we just need a bunch of smaller parties so that parties cover a broader range of American perspectives.

    Also, would this change affect the world, or just the US? I think an argument could be made for either.

  2. Though I think it might not be realistic to abolish parties all together, I agree with your argument. One of the biggest challenges for myself when deciding who to vote for was having to choose form two people. And like many people talked about in their politics post I agree more on social issues with the Democratic party and agree on economic issues with the Republican party. This caused such issues for me when deciding to vote that I almost chose not to vote at all. Why should I vote for a candidate that I somewhat agree with?

  3. While critiques can’t hurt, at the 60 second idea level, let’s talk about how it could work.

    I agree with Foster that the 2 party system can corrupt much of democracy. We also need to wonder why it seems so intractable. There has only been one real third party that came into existence in US history- the Republican party emerging from the Whigs’ demise.

    One key piece is to wrest the control of election law from the parties…

    Independent voting may be one organization working towards progress on this.

  4. In terms of voting, it’d be interesting if we had a “blank vote” option like some other countries do. I just read about protest votes on Wikipedia, and apparently some people in the U.S. use cartoon characters like Mikey Mouse as a write-in, while Finns and Swedes go for Donald Duck.

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