Be a Yes Man/Woman

If there is one piece of advice I could give as an old delusional grandfather to my children and their children it will be to just say yes!

Now I know there are some limits to this like say no to drugs, or the guy in the van offering candy but don’t miss out on life by being afraid to try new things. Whether that be a new food, activity, game, or way of life you should not be afraid to say yes and try it. This is something I myself have tried to live by as much as possible. My parents just moved to Atlanta and when asked if I wanted to come there or just meet them at my old house in Maryland it was an easy decision. I went to the place I had never been before. A road trip to drop off a friend or just to ride around a new place can open you up to entirely new experiences. We should all be open to try new things whether or not we know the outcome or if we will enjoy it. Living this way can open up a huge part of the world we may not see.

In many ways this idea to be a yes man/woman relates to other posts about seeing the world or taking your own path. Those are great pieces of advice and it starts with saying yes to something new. I have a friend here at school that literally only eats cheeseburgers, chicken fingers, bacon, bread, and ketchup. He has never even tried things like salad, eggs, a taco, and a lot more. When we ask him why he won’t even try it now as a 20 year old he just says he never has and doesn’t want to. Much of this is how he was raised, but I think about how much the kid is missing out on. Yes it is just food but I highly doubt that mentality did not carry over to other parts of his life. My point is there is so much out there in life to see and experience that we should do the best we can to take in as much as possible. There may be things we do not like that scared us or we did not enjoy but at least we experienced it and know. Life is short. Experience as much as possible.

Here is a site for sky diving if anyone wants in.


3 thoughts on “Be a Yes Man/Woman

  1. Oddly enough, I read your entire post with skydiving in mind! I completely agree with your idea of having a “yes” mentality. I think it makes life much more exciting and fun. I’ll admit that I have a major fear of missing out, but even with other stuff I always try to push myself to say yes. When my best friend abroad wanted to go skydiving in Cape Town, I didn’t even think twice about it since I knew it would be a long time until I got that opportunity again, if ever.

  2. Although skydiving may be a little extreme for me, I love the idea of saying “Yes” to something exciting and new. I think challenging yourself to try something that you might usually not have the guts to try can be liberating and I could definitely see something like this having a profound effect on developing a life.

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