The Happiest Place on Earth…!

You will all make complete fun of me for this post.  But I have to say that something that could change the world, are what many people touched upon, an increase in happiness.  I think that families need to be happier.  I have watched too many divorces, seen friends run away from home, or even have friends and their parents just not get along.

When it comes down to it, life could be extremely rough, but most people have someone they can call family, and whether it be a friend, or any hybrid type of family (individual’s choice).  I think that these familial units should go on vacation together once a year.  I had a friend growing up who’s family really didn’t mesh well.  It was a large family – Mom, Dad, three boys, and a girl, and they just never got along.  Every year however the family would take a trip to Disney world, and maybe it was the Disney magic, but for that week, they always got along.  They go on a trip every year.

I know my parents are happiest when my family is together as a whole unit and by having each family go on a vacation together each year I think it would improve family happiness and therefore individual happiness.  It will also give something people to look forward to.  Having something to look forward to also improves happiness as well as work ethic, efficiency, because there is a goal to meet.  You will always go on this vacation and get a break.  A way to relax.  A week of happiness, with the people you love!


7 thoughts on “The Happiest Place on Earth…!

  1. I don’t think there is anything to make fun of you for with this idea. I completely agree. I have been fortunate enough to have my parents to stay together which does not seem to happen that much anymore. I have also had so many close friends experience the roughest situations with their parents or family. It brings down every other part of their lives and causes so much pain. Families being happier whether that be through vacations or just spending time together would definitely help the world be a better place.

  2. Disneyland is frightening corruption of childhood fantasy and magic that uses cute faces to mask deeply authoritarian practices and no one should go there.

    Ok, I sort of made fun of your post. Feel better?

    I do like the family vacation, or, really, time devoted to being together. While the newness of Disney probably helped your family, is it possible to have leisure together? TO just have fun?

    Are there ways to make the stay-cation spread further? Is it because of how many hours Americans work? Watch screens? Commute? How we actually spend our time must be a key piece of this.

    • Yes I just meant a week vacation. Not particularly Disney, I know that is a popular destination for families but any type of getaway would do!

      • But is it weird to think of family vacations as something EVERYONE should have and not “just” those who can afford it? Is that too socialist for America? How can it be made more accessible? I wonder if anyone has researched the benefits you describe…

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