Technology = Obesity

Humans in WALL-E paint a bleak picture for our future

As humans become more technologically adept, we are becoming lazier and lazier. Technology has been a major cause of obesity within the country and as we become increasingly more reliant on it, trends in obesity will continue.

The amount of TV watched by the average American gives good insight into the extent of the problem. In 2009, the average American woman watched 5:31 hours of TV per day. Men watched 4:54 hours. From 1988 to 2009, these rates increased approximately 20%. At the same time, obesity rates have more than doubled. To me, these numbers are astonishing. Technology, in both electronics and processed food, has clearly been instrumental in the rising obesity trends in America.
What’s most troubling is that by 2030, the majority of Americans are projected to be obese if trends continue. I think it will be crucial to step back and look at how technology can be used to help combat obesity, both through improvements to exercise, but also with health. This is a problem that must be dealt with soon. Technology is a powerful resource, but must be approached cautiously so that its effects are positive.


3 thoughts on “Technology = Obesity

  1. First, I LOVED the movie Wall-E. I thought it was so smart and showed the future of human evolution in a very entertaining (but disturbing) way. We pride ourselves on techonological advances as proof that we’re the smartest, most capable creatures on Earth. At the same time, however, we’re losting touch with the survival skills that brought us to this point. If a typical person today were placed back in time at the beginning of human evolution, he/she wouldn’t stand a chance. Theres no app for running away from a saber toothed tiger.

  2. This picture is hilarious and so appropriate! As much as we love technology and say how awful life must have been without it, I kind of wish I got to experience an era where we weren’t completely addicted to our iphones or facebook. The reason we have an obesity issue now is because kids spend their time playing video games or watching movies on the ten different devices you can watch movies on. I don’t know about you, but when I was little, I played outside and ran around the neighborhood. Now, my little cousins have ipads they play games on. I don’t even have an Ipad! It’s crazy to think how much the world has changed since we we’re in elementary school and it seems like it’s only going to get worse.

  3. I also love the movie WALLE – shout out meg – and found the people on the ship incredible disturbing yet, terrifyingly realistic. What would people rather do nowadays – play video games or watch TV or go for a run or play outside? More often than not, the answer would be video games, not matter what age or gender you are talking to. I think that this is something that could change the world but I wouldn’t know how to enforce or regulate it. Great idea though.

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