Slow it Down

Everything in the world, including ourselves, runs at a supersonic pace. Americans are born with caffeine flowing through their blood stream and the 8 hours of sleep requirement is something we experience only when we’re on our death bed. Do you ever wonder why there are so many more health issues in today’s society compared to the early 1900s? It’s because we don’t understand the concept of slowing down and taking a break. We have been raised with the mentality that in order to succeed, you need to keep going. There are millions of people who are smarter, quicker, and more creative than you which is why you need to keep chugging that coffee and joining extra-curricular activities like it’s your job. You can sleep when you’re dead right? Well that may be sooner than you think, you overachieving caffeine consuming psychopath.

Before I went abroad to Australia, I too was a stressed out basket case who was battling some kind of illness basically every week.  I’d like to think Australia was my eye-opening experience that taught me how to slow down, calm down, and take it easy. The Aussie mentality is “no worries.” In my internship, my supervisor was the most laid back employer I’ve ever met. Despite the hundreds of deadlines and issues he was dealing with, which would make me crawl in a corner and cry, he eased through every work day like it was his hobby instead of his career. “Americans just need to learn how to take a deep breath and enjoy life” he told me. If we could just stop everything we were doing in a stressful situation and take a walk, we’d soon realize that there’s more to life than living each day sleep-deprived and dependent on anxiety medication. So you forgot to submit a homework assignment, no worries. Are you going to drop dead because of it? Probably not. Learn how to relax and slow down America. You’ve got one life to live to  you might as well enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “Slow it Down

  1. Every day we rush through our lives. The American individualistic mindset is to never think in the present, and to always be thinking about the future. I think its important to realize that sometimes rushing is not beneficial. We are so concerned about getting jobs, becoming successful, and making lots of money despite the fact that our 20s is the time period where we are most capable. I dont think this is necessarily our generations fault. There is a lot of pressure on us to get good grades in high school to get into a good college to get a good internship to get a good job to transfer into a better job etc. There is no room for creativity and self-exploration.

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