My grandmother has a bunch of my dad’s old comics in her attic, and I remember reading one where Superman decides to destroy all of the world’s nuclear weapons. Now unfortunately, we don’t have a superhero to help us solve our problems, but it got me thinking. What if every country disposed of their nukes? No hidden weapons reserves, no nuclear facilities. What if they were all just…gone?

Think of the conflicts that would be alleviated, the threat of nuclear retaliation lifted from the world. India and Pakistan, Israel and it’s Arab neighbors, Iran, North Korea and the rest of the world. All of these countries are engaged in conflicts that are enhanced by the threat of nuclear weapons. The Cold War could have been completely averted. The events in movies like Terminator and The Sum of All Fears are fictional, but built upon a grain of potential truth. A nuclear catastrophe has the potential to plunge us into a nuclear winter, or destroy the world entirely. Nuclear weapons are used as deterrence. If your enemy didn’t have one, you wouldn’t need one. And if no one had them… I believe that getting rid of all nuclear weapons would be a huge step toward every beauty pageant contestant’s favorite answer: World Peace.

3 thoughts on “BIG IDEA – DITCH THE NUKES

  1. This would be a really good idea. It would be very hard to get all of the countries with nuclear power to ditch their weapons, but it would definitely solve a lot of problems. Still there are other weapons of mass destruction that are available, and dont forget about the use of nuclear weapons as a deterrent.

  2. Loved your examples. I too thought of getting rid of nuclear weapons. It made me wonder what would be used instead to show power or to force others to do what we wanted. Perhaps for a country like the United States, we would threaten to take away something (our exports) instead of threatening nuclear attack.

  3. There is another reason to follow your good idea. The mere existence of nuclear weapons makes it more likely they will fall into the hands of “undesirables.” Obama, and McCain and Dick Lugar, when they were all in the senate, tried to work on this problem. All the mutual deterrence stuff only works when you are thinking of governments who have strong incentives not to have their capital city (or whatever) destroyed. A loose, shadowy network has no such weakness.

    Moreover, given the extreme centralization of the know-how and materials, it should be relatively easier (compared to getting rid of land mines, for example) to shut down the whole technology.

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