Everybody Dance Now!

Maybe C&C Music Factory had it right.

Dance for half an hour a day, without judgment from others, or judging others. Everyone’s doing it…Seems silly, I know. But dancing would solve a lot of problems in this world.Dancing is a form of self-expression. Movement is only limited by fear. But if everyone danced, everyone may feel goofy at first. But what happens when people feel goofy? They laugh. A smile can actually trick your brain into feeling happy. The upward motion of the corners of your mouth affects the facial muscles like the zygomatic major and signals stimuli to your brain that releases serotonin. So by goofing off, we would actually be convincing ourselves that we’re happy. And who couldn’t benefit from a little extra happiness?

Dancing also is an excellent form of exercise. And in the words of Elle Woods, “Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy. And happy people just don’t kill their husbands.” It would get people off their couches and burning calories, so dancing daily would do wonders to improve physical health and lower the risk of obesity and related diseases. Lastly, dancing improves confidence. When people are confident, they are more willing to share ideas and express opinions, but also just feel better about themselves. So indirectly, dancing presents the opportunity to improve engagement and bring abut new ideologies to improve the global environment as well as boosting self-esteem.


4 thoughts on “Everybody Dance Now!

  1. Very creative idea. I personally love busting out weird dance moves because it makes me laugh. If everyone was exposed to more types of dance maybe people would feel better about their own self expression. I also like how it can be a solo or group activity, choreographed or free style, slow paced or speedy.

  2. My kids, while attending school in Spain, had a dance class as part of the curriculum and the literature teacher had a special dance club. By the time they were in 6th, 7th grade, all those kids were definitely way more at ease with their bodies and with each other. So, I have seen more dance-centric cultures work.

    I’ll bet if we look across human cultures in time and space, we would likely find very few as un-dance-y as ours in the last 50 years. And I mean everyone dancing, not just sex symbols on TV.

  3. I think this is a great reminder that exercise is so beneficial for your health and happiness. Dancing just happens to be a fun way to achieve that!

  4. I agree, dancing is so much more than exercise, it is a way to express yourself. Using a healthy medium to blow off steam or just have fun benefits everyone!

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